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Conversation Between youngde and Levy
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  1. Levy
    2009-04-23 11:06
    sorry to tell you, buddy, but your mom belong to us, the CluCluMafia!
    mwaahahahah! =P
  2. Levy
    2009-02-22 11:15
    ahahha don't worry, I'm a long date member of DA and I won't mind hot situations, as a draw a fair number myself =P... but thanks for the advice, it was very sweet of you ^^
  3. youngde
    2009-02-22 11:08
    Just so you know, has some stuff that is, shall we say, ris-que. Porn isn't allowed, but nudity and sexual situations are, just to give you a heads up. Probably should have mentioned that earlier. Anyway, you need to have a membership to access the more 'questionable' material anyway; membership is free though, so it's no big deal.
  4. Levy
    2009-02-22 09:29
    I'll check it out, thank you =)
  5. youngde
    2009-02-22 09:25
    It's a picture I found on Lots of nice stuff there if you look around. Here's the address for the piece you're talking about.
  6. Levy
    2009-02-22 09:00
    the art in your current avatar looks really nice! where did you find it?^ ^
  7. Levy
    2009-02-18 12:10
    Hi, mand with the stylish signature... just dropping a line to say that your friend request came as a nice surprise... so thank you =)
  8. Levy
    2008-12-05 14:26
    thanks a lot! indeed I mis-spelled that, I'm pretty much tired ^^;;;

    thanks again, man with the stilish sign =)
  9. youngde
    2008-12-05 14:07
    I think that Suzaku statement was just metaforicall, as in the flashbacks you have him and Lelouch equiparating 'Geass' to 'wishes'

    I'm assuming you mean 'metaphorical' and 'equilibrating.' Not calling you out or anything, but since your from Italy, I'm assuming English isn't your first language.

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