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Conversation Between youngde and Bonzo
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  1. youngde
    2009-08-10 07:42
    Well, my dad's a pastor, and in thirty years I've never heard him say 'I be wed.' (or any other pastor for that matter). Whatever comic you copied it from, it was wrong.

    (I mostly mention it just because 'I be wed,' sounds like an attempt to sound inner city, gansta in an otherwise very happy, though serious, situation, and it kinda kills the moment.)
  2. youngde
    2009-08-09 14:24
    Awesome new comic Bonzo. Nice to see them FINALLY getting a happy ending (at least until your OVA, I assume).

    One very small nitpick. It's 'With this ring, I THEE wed,' not 'I be wed.'
  3. youngde
    2009-07-02 12:55
    Hey Bonzo,

    After looking at your most recent upload to the Kallen thread, it occurs to me that Kallen could be suffering from what is called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (AKA, broken heart syndrome). It's a condition of a weakening of the heart muscle, often associated with emotional trauma. Still not the same thing as a heart attack, but I thought I would point it out.

    This is the wikipedia page about it if you want to know more:
  4. Bonzo
    2009-04-29 10:47
    The only way to evade a war make a fanart with C.C wearing a wedding dress.

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