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Conversation Between Kovensky and Witacume
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  1. Witacume
    2008-07-30 12:39
    I definitely like Flay. As VAr put it
    Fllay was an actual character, Lacus was a carboard cut out with a bag of poupuri glued to her.

    As for Zala i like CAgalli since Kira was Cagalli's brother.
    I really like Priscilla for Van
    As for naruto I love hinata!
    Ichigo has to be inuoe there is no other path!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Kovensky
    2008-07-30 12:14
    I actually would like Kira with Kagari... if they weren't siblings. I was hoping they ended up together until that WHAM revelation. Since they can't happen, I'm left with Kira and Lacus because Fllay was a bitch; she was just manipulating him. For Athrun... I don't really have an opinion on him, he being with Kagari is ok.

    I never saw GunXSword or Naruto. Bleach I only saw very few episodes, so no opinion there too...

    How about you?
  3. Witacume
    2008-07-30 11:26
    whats up the start of any good friends ship is understanding each other more.
    Ok who did you like for Kira? Lacus or Fllay?
    How about Arthruan?
    How about Van from Gun X Sword?
    How about Naruto?
    Ichigo frokm bleach?
    those are just a few i thought about

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