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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and SJCrew
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  1. SJCrew
    2012-05-25 04:31
    Forgive the delayed response, not having a computer does that to you.

    If you're asking about any Macross other than the original and DYRL, you're asking the wrong guy. But to save you the trouble of going to /m/ and getting no useful responses at all, I'd pick anything from this chart that looks cool:

    If you want a more personalized recommendation, I can give you the lowdown on Gun X Sword, Gunbuster, Metropolis, Xabungle, Nadesico, Aquarion. Only two of those are not worth seeing, in my opinion.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2012-05-14 15:00
    Ahh, Rahxephon-- yea, I should get around to continuing that. TTGL I came across when i wasn't very into anime on the scifi channel and thought it was just kinda silly. Yes, it's supposed to be silly, but still.

    And Macross, ah. What about the newer one (Frontier?)
  3. SJCrew
    2012-05-13 09:58
    Nice memory, but it's just shy of RahXephon. I will find every excuse in the book to post in the one thread it has here. I recommend you watch and love it above all else.

    A major one that mecha heads should familiarize themselves with is Super Dimension Fortress Macross. One of the grandfathers of mecha anime in terms of firsts, lingering relevance, plot, characterization, and social commentary. Once you've finished that, you get to reward yourself by watching Do You Remember Love?, which amalgamates and emphasizes all of the most important aspects of the series into an hour and a half of A+ visuals and music.

    For a bit of brainless fun, you can't go wrong with Gurren Lagann. It's a name you've no doubt had to hear a lot, being one of the most entertaining (and stupid) modern mecha to date.
  4. Archon_Wing
    2012-05-12 18:21
    Well, your favorite anime was NGE if I recall? What other major mecha series do you like? I haven't really too much for myself besides Gundam.

    And I've tried Eureka Seven myself; about halfway through and production values are great. I do believe you would avoid the F/SN anime since every VN player tells me it's a disgrace. Studio Deen often fucks up adaptations and this was no less. And the Unlimited Blade Works Movie was even more incoherent for nonreaders. I really don't think they should adapt the last. :S
  5. SJCrew
    2012-05-12 12:26
    Believe it or not, I am a huge fan of mecha. I'm just getting started on Eureka Seven (about seven episodes in) so I can follow the sequel, and plan to follow Aquarion LOVE EVOL soon. Finished GunXSword about a week ago. Plenty for me to watch these days.

    Also, would you believe I haven't even touched the original F/SN anime? I'm fresh a fresh out of the novel fan. It's only a shame that I have no desire to read Heaven's Feel for anything other than the H.
  6. Archon_Wing
    2012-05-06 21:10

    So, anything you're watching besides Fate/Zero?
  7. SJCrew
    2012-05-06 14:19
    You make the best Tomoyo avatars. <3
  8. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-14 02:00
    Fair enough. Plot-owning Saber was a bit underwhelming but I'm sure the second half will get through and show the goods. It's also a bit diffrent than expected, very dialogue heavy but I never played the original F/sn VN so I guess I'm not used to it. While there was some great dialogue, I found it a bit questionable they cut the season here.

    Kiritsugu has had very interaction with anyone, so it's only natural we wouldn't care about him. Like Kotomine suggests, he's very dead inside, just there to do the job. I assume it's because his life has made him horrifically detached, and him never talking to Saber will be integral to the plot.

    Personally, my least favorite character is Rin's dad. He's... barely alive.

    But yea, it's really good and the best has yet to come...
  9. SJCrew
    2012-01-13 06:58
    First half is one big cocktease. Always hinting toward an event that's going to happen later, people being saved from impossible situations due to some bullshit, the heroes never taking the final blow when they can because they're stupid, Saber supposedly being the most powerful servant and class but consistently plot-owned...etc. I'm expecting a lot from the second half with all of this build up.

    It's a very character-driven story too, from what I see. The war always seems to come second to personal conflicts and goals, which means a lot of inaction time and dialogue sequences. Not a bad thing at all; we're slowly learning what everyone wants from the Grail, and some don't even want it at all. This kind of thing is more my cup of tea than just swords flying everywhere. But since we get that too, it's an awesome ride all around.

    Least favorite character is probably Kiritsugu. Very cold in his actions and mannerisms, I don't agree with a lot of what he does (EX: due to a difference in ideals, he refuses to acknowledge or respond to Saber in conversation, which is stupid). Only bit of humanity we see in him is from what Irisviel tells us about him, but when he's on screen, he has no presence at all.

    Overall, good characters, interesting plot, OP and ED are unskippable. Solid B-Class anime IMO.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-11 07:20
    So how did Fate/Zero turn out overall?

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