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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Sheba
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  1. Archon_Wing
    2018-02-25 15:15
  2. Sheba
    2018-02-25 14:17
  3. Archon_Wing
    2017-08-15 18:17
    Yikes that's a lot of people ignored! Despite being fairly pessimistic myself, I've always hated rose-tinted things because it's not like being terrible was a recent invention. People will always go on about how the world has gone to shit but in reality the First World has seen a time of relative peace when human history has always been littered with wars and constant fear. After all, it wasn't a long time ago the Soviet Union and the US had nukes pointed at each other and both destroyed the will of the people in other countries as part of their pawns and of course many people couldn't live out their daily lives due to whatever prejudice they might have encountered. Yes, there are many dangers today and many people still suffer, but at least some don't have to deal with that.

    And yea, I also do resent the "revolutionary" intent of people. If something is wrong with the system, then it doesn't mean it should be destroyed. People don't know what the consequences of that always are, and many places in the Middle East show that if you knock something down, it's not like beating the boss in a video game. In fact, the systems that exist are there for reason that the alternative might be much worse.

    Oh, that's okay. I usually don't mind reply speed usually. =p
  4. Sheba
    2017-08-15 07:48
    Having visited America few times, I dont deny there are still right-wing white supremacists. But I refuse to let panic-mongering get to my head. Its part of the reason I put people in ignore list because they have nothing to offer as argument, other than painting the society darker than it really is. I am a guy who tries to look at life as half-full rather than half-empty, remember that France was very close to fall in the grasp of the far right, but for a bunch of pessimisitic people, French went for the less pessimistic scenario.

    We are still recovering from the recent attacks in 2015 and 2017, we are trying to live on, and together in our daily life. We still have a few incidents here and there but refuse to succumb of the Doomsday rhetoric trumped up by the far right or religious loonies. Okay, one thing make me anxious, climate.

    Some people said I am too lefty for being conservative and too conservative to be a liberal. Because while some things needs to change, it should be not at the cost of societal norms that makes society work as a whole, and serves as guideline for some people who dont know what to make of the freedom to chose and just want to enjoy a simple life.

    I used to be more militant 20 years ago, but seeing friends and my brother getting families makes me think that society is not as fucked up as I used to think it is when I was 14 y/o.

    EDIKT: sorry for the delayed reply, I was trying to collect my thoughts about your message while banging my head against the event in Kancolle that reward us with Richelieu and Ark Royal. While juggling with the ongoing event in Fate/Grand Order JP.
  5. Archon_Wing
    2017-08-13 22:25
    BTW, I'd like to say that I agree with your general idea that punching people in the face because of simple words is not something that should be cheered. Though I think one should always not be surprised of the consequences of their actions at times. My intent was more about sharing some history about particular groups that have been around for more than a century in various guises and it is not to be confused with other conservative movements that they have co-opted. Yea, American politics is like that. This might just be something that doesn't get covered by popular news much.

    But definitely would concede that left-leaning folk are quick to stamp out Free Speech. These threads here are often why politics threads tend to be.... that.

    It is a bit unfortunate the details of what you wanted to say became the main focus of the debate. But I really do get it. I do hold your opinion in high regards because you don't use the forum space to shoot rhetoric out, which is a rarity these days.
  6. Sheba
    2014-12-05 08:54
    The female Admiral as drawn by the artist Matsuryuu. A reminder that the admiral is basically the player's avatar so it could be a he or a she depending on the player or the artist. Matsuryuu's female admiral is best described as Hayate Yagami, in her molester persona, if she was in the Imperial Japanese Navy. She is one of the best Admirals out here.
  7. Archon_Wing
    2014-12-05 08:19
    Oh crap, I mean the avatar xD I wasn't thinking properly.
  8. Sheba
    2014-12-05 04:14
    It's from Kantai Collection. Artist is ko ru ri and the characters are the Sendai sisters, IJN light cruisers.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2014-12-04 17:53
    Well, that's an interesting sig. Where did that come from?
  10. Archon_Wing
    2014-04-01 23:06
    In a lot of ways, I feel many, including myself, sometimes do literally bite the hand that feeds the industry. They may be dirty, but they have to be there.

    And that's unfortunate really, I know there's a lot of places like that and I don't bother resting near them unless I feel like messing with people. But there's definitely better ways to spend one's time.

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