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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Sheba
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  1. Sheba
    2014-12-05 08:54
    The female Admiral as drawn by the artist Matsuryuu. A reminder that the admiral is basically the player's avatar so it could be a he or a she depending on the player or the artist. Matsuryuu's female admiral is best described as Hayate Yagami, in her molester persona, if she was in the Imperial Japanese Navy. She is one of the best Admirals out here.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2014-12-05 08:19
    Oh crap, I mean the avatar xD I wasn't thinking properly.
  3. Sheba
    2014-12-05 04:14
    It's from Kantai Collection. Artist is ko ru ri and the characters are the Sendai sisters, IJN light cruisers.
  4. Archon_Wing
    2014-12-04 17:53
    Well, that's an interesting sig. Where did that come from?
  5. Archon_Wing
    2014-04-01 23:06
    In a lot of ways, I feel many, including myself, sometimes do literally bite the hand that feeds the industry. They may be dirty, but they have to be there.

    And that's unfortunate really, I know there's a lot of places like that and I don't bother resting near them unless I feel like messing with people. But there's definitely better ways to spend one's time.
  6. Sheba
    2014-04-01 20:30
    Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
    There's a certain false dichotomy that feeds the problem and that is people separate it into something like this:

    Smart people watch Smart anime
    Stupid people watch Stupid anime

    That's certainly an oversimplification but this is where the kind of elitism comes from. The problem is when a lot of the elitists are actually stupid people watching smart anime to make themselves feel smart, or so they think. Of course this kind of thing can only work in a self-affirming (aka mob thinking) fashion in which a community of self appointed elitists define quality. This isn't just true in anime, but almost every hobby really. To make this distinction, this group needs to raise itself above "popular opinion", but yes, in the end they create their own brand of popular opinions.

    There's a small chance people from this group know what they're talking about, but in my anecdotal experience like any group of fools needs to demean others in order to give them credibility. I've received plenty of private messages from pretentious hygiene products telling me why I am totally wrong for bashing their deep work or liking something pedestrian. Of course, most can't really explain what they think being the simplest of sentences, so there's that.

    Tl;dr Don't be a hipster.
    You know, this kind of place does exist. It's called anidb. Reading few posts there makes you lose faith in the anime community faster than hearing about Infinite Stratos' sales figures. Because at least, "those godamned otakus" support the industry in their own way. While "those hipsters" sucks the fun out of the hobby.
  7. Archon_Wing
    2012-12-17 02:15
    Thanks, I've already watched episode 1 a while back and should be looking to watch more over the winter.
  8. Sheba
    2012-12-15 16:53
    Since you talked about "passing the torch", why don't you watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? The nine first episodes, aka Phantom Blood, are about the first JoJo. And right now, from episode 10 to the end, it will be about the western fan favorite's, Joseph. You'll see what passing the torch means.

    Come and join the JoJoBros o/
  9. Archon_Wing
    2012-02-18 01:22
    Lol... love that scene in your avatar.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-17 04:55
    Nah, it's ok. It's just that the Okabe x Kurisu feelings were strong, but I understand if they wanted to go by genre. I just didn't care.

    Still, discussion is fine-- shitstorm is more like Nanoha/Gundam threads.

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