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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Dr. Casey
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  1. Dr. Casey
    2013-09-24 10:09
    Dr. Casey
    I'm actually more petty and a bit more thin-skinned than some would think
    Hmm, that actually makes sense whenever I think about your response to one of Triple's posts in the Suggestion forum a few weeks ago. Your mellow demeanor makes this an easy mistake to make, I think. Pocari seems rather glib so I'd be more surprised if he was sensitive, but then I can often be glib myself and I'm still sensitive and take things personally, so you can't always judge by appearances.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2013-09-23 17:26
    Lol XD, thanks. I'm actually more petty and a bit more thin-skinned than some would think, but rest assured, nobody's "bullying" me off AS. Well, they could try, but I would make them cry and make them e-slit their wrists.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2013-07-23 14:31
    Although Demi. is my bro (except when we play Tenhou), I would have to say that that eviction was probably the best thing for him (he would agree), and I like never agree with 80% of the moderation policies on the site, though I suppose it was a bit heavy handed. It's more of a proverbial needle thing, and unfortunately responding to aggressive posts can make one culpable for the situation. I'm not above this myself. It's sorta why I asked myself to be kicked of my own accord; I assumed a bit of responsibility. The hit wasn't very fun, but I can write self-righteous crap so unsuspecting people like you can be blindsided.

    Fact is, in the several years I've read that subforum is that nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions. It's always someone else's fault and nobody wanted to make it better. Demi. at least has my respect for willfully acknowledging that he did what he did and accepted the consequences for it. Everyone else? Well the mods and Fate fans are all poopyheads. I cannot have sympathy for those who willingly do something when they are aware of the consequences yet get banned like a scrub anyways. It's like starting Super Mario Bros and running straight into the first goomba you see; proceeding to throw a fit over it. What else was gonna happen? Ask the goomba politely to move out of the way?

    Oh and hi.
  4. Archon_Wing
    2013-07-01 20:27
    He was himself.
  5. Dr. Casey
    2013-07-01 16:27
    Dr. Casey
    What got Pocari banned?
  6. Archon_Wing
    2013-06-24 19:33
    That sounds much like Fate Testarossa, or Kuroneko. I suppose it'd be an honor.

    Triple though is fine, but if Pocari did it, that would just be poor, and I'd be inclined to troll like Okada always does.
  7. Dr. Casey
    2013-06-24 19:30
    Dr. Casey
    Of course it's a good thing, that means someone finds you interesting. Wouldn't you be honored if Triple F5'd your profile page all day, growing irritable every time his dear Archon Wing went more than 30 minutes without posting, only to become re-energized whenever the fated Refresh came where your post finally count increased by one? You're basically a drug for any person you're stalked by. It is a great honor.
  8. Archon_Wing
    2013-06-22 18:18
    Might just be. I like to click on profiles just because.

    So is it good to have stalkers?
  9. Dr. Casey
    2013-06-22 18:17
    Dr. Casey
    Is that an OCD tic or something?

    It's okay though, my pageviews went up by about 70 yesterday, so you weren't responsible for most of them. I might have a stalker after all! Happy day.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2013-06-22 18:14
    I refreshed your page a dozen times.

    Sorry to disappoint. I do this to everyone.

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