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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and DeX-kun
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  1. Archon_Wing
    2010-04-03 19:43
    I have to agree. I think with enough creativity and willpower you can make a masterwork off anything. Well, almost. I just feel the bad shows just don't try as hard.

    But anyhow, it's glad you're not in the rage club. Damn, this reminds me of when Haruhi 2009 was getting bashed so badly. True it wasn't that good, but people were nitpicking stuff that no normal person ever would in another show.

    Alright, have a nice day. And apologies to turning your wall into my soapbox.
  2. DeX-kun
    2010-04-03 18:19
    I agree with you on that, when it comes to writing and anything that only involves the mind, I don't believe in a limit too how good you can write. Honestly, there are many people that go into their 70's and 80's that can still write an amazing story. In the end it's subjective, you'll enjoy some works more than others and it'll all depend on the individual.

    As for the DVD's, I already bought my subs a while back. I might buy the dubs once the prices go down
  3. Archon_Wing
    2010-04-03 17:52
    Wat, this is me we're talking about. I think you should know my position on Key. Have you watched Air?

    I think what annoys me the most (not just this, but really any other new work of a popular author) is that people will always be like, omg he's past his prime or he sucks or w/e.

    People love to draw an arbitrary line to when they declare a author or company's suddenly turns from "teh best" to "teh suck" The line is insanely stupid when I see it because it's always drawn at the favorites. Basically "I think this story was the best ever, and everything after it magically sucked!!" It's most evident with KyoAni stuffs. You see people drawing their line at FMP, some at Haruhi, and others at Kanon or weirdly enough the first season of Clannad. Now they may have a point, but it sure annoys me enough to rant in your wall, sorry about that. And now, Angel Beats is on the chopping block for arbitrary line drawing. The weatherman predicts many complaints about how Jun Maeda has lost it with a small chance of rage.

    So the point of the stupid text walls I've just typed is that : Hype sucks.

    As for being disappointed. Well I guess it's fine; I mean not everything in life goes your way. But all and all, it's just a show. Entertainment is what you get out of it.

    BTW, I just bought the Clannad AS subbed DVDs finally (not really that interested in the dubs)-- though I don't have the first season yet, I usually don't buy anime. (Yea, I'm a terrible fan) They sure do charge a lot compared to television shows. Though I do realize it's nothing compared to what they pay for in Japan.
  4. DeX-kun
    2010-04-03 17:41
    Ah, I thought you were referring to me I apologize then

    Although I did expect a lot of people to react negatively because of the standards that Kanon and Clannad set, I didn't expect the extreme Haruhi comparisons. If there are Key fans that set their expectations too high, I'd figure it's their fault because this is a first for Maeda. It's not his typical genre style so it's out of his comfort zone. With those facts, my expectations weren't high at all

    I guess a lot of people only set themselves up to be disappointed but even so, there is no reason to be disappointed yet. We're at episode 1, is there any reason to be disappointed? (rhetorical question )
  5. Archon_Wing
    2010-04-03 17:28
    Oh I wasn't referring to you- my point was that people were giving this show crap after 1 episode, while the other Key stories also took more than 1 episode to boot up, as they would say.

    I also think that because Kanon and Clannad were great that people are being super harsh on Angel Beats! And also, they are not giving Angel Beats the same leeway IMO. It's only natural I guess to run comparisons

    My point is bashers tend to elevate whatever the creators did before and bash whatever's happening right now. And then they sound like "Back in my day..."

    I feel that bashers will do either of the two things.

    1.) OMG this is too much X, lame
    2.) OMG this is not like X, lame.

  6. DeX-kun
    2010-04-03 17:07
    I don't believe I ever said Clannad was perfect but I do hold it as the best in it's genre (I.e. - In regards to Romance/Drama) but that's only a matter of opinion for me personally.

    I'm not sure what Kanon or Clannad have to do with Angel Beats but that's a discussion for a different time. But for the majority of reactions, I've only seen extremely negative comments without merit (and with Haruhi comparisons thrown in.) Naturally there were others that said the show was amazing which I disagree with just as much but there is nothing annoying about that when most of the negative comments seem to involve Haruhi.

    It's grating to constantly hear people whining about the comparison from an entirely different show when it's only the first episode, and we have no idea how each individual character will play out. How do we know Yuri will still be the same person in episode 13? Nobody knows what's in between. This is what I'm getting at.

    There are way too many people jumping the gun for no apparent reason, whether it be a good or bad reaction but from what I've seen, it mostly involves the extreme negative Haruhi comparison reactions. It would be one thing to joke about it but it seems like a lot of people are taking it seriously.
  7. Archon_Wing
    2010-04-03 16:01
    I don't know. Perhaps some Key fans are looking bad with rose-tinted glasses and have ridiculous expectations?

    Let's admit it-- they are great shows based on great stories, but the adaptations weren't perfect. I found Kanon unwatchable for about four episodes, and Clannad didn't fare much better at all. But yet, people start drawing conclusions based on one?

    It kinda reminds me of when people selectively praise Kanon and then bash Clannad for the exact same things, and vice versa. Double standard much? :P

    Now truth be told, I'm always skeptical about new shows. But sometimes, a show is just a show. And I feel many people have already condemned a show before they watched-- which is fine-- but then they go ahead and watch it. And that's just a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  8. DeX-kun
    2010-04-03 15:45
    Yeah, I kind of had to change my sig and avatar so I put it back to Clannad

    As for Angel Beats, well I actually enjoyed it. I mean it wasn't amazing but it was enjoyable, at least for me. I'm actually starting to get annoyed by all the Haruhi comparison. Granted, Yuri is similar in some aspects but for the most part there are differences (and not just physically.) I think a lot of the rage stems from this fact so it's annoying when all the Haruhi fans come in and start whining about it.

    Nobody has any idea on how the plot will turn out or how Yuri will develop so they need to save their complaints for later. It's irritating how many people are bashing this series on the first episode, it makes no sense to criticize something off the beginning. Sorry for ranting there but as you see, it's extremely frustrating to me.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2010-04-03 15:27
    Hey, you have your Clannad Avatar/sig back! I didn't like Angel Beats's first episode, but for the most part I expected it as usually Maeda's stories aren't the ones that make the most sense so the beginning isn't usually never that strong. There's so much rage on the show for some reason.
  10. DeX-kun
    2009-12-10 00:30
    I didn't even realize that, thanks for letting me know. Well I'm only the self-proclaimed #1 Clannad fan. Still, I'm very vocal about my love for this particular show

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