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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and calorie
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  1. calorie
    2011-09-10 23:22
    Yeah, you're right, I couldn't see the forest from the trees. I do remember Rei scaring Shinji to death with her resurrections and consequent personality changes, and Shinji really wasn't the type to break through Asuka's tsun- crust, instead just thinking she hates him after all (especially when there are parts of him which I'm sure she does hate).

    You're not too fond of the instrumentality idea are you? IMO, it wasn't handled that well here - the whole point should have been to disperse the memories/thoughts that make up and define a person and create one giant mind, whereas in this case, they just jumbled them all up in one head but they seem to have retained some or most of their personas - well, duh, of course that isn't gonna work.

    P.S. I'm having nightmares from the Usagi Drop thread (in relation to the manga comments) - on some level I wish I'd never picked up the anime in the first place lol

    P.P.S. I counted 5 'heh' emoticons in that comment, you should recognize when you have an addiction
  2. Archon_Wing
    2011-09-10 18:55
    Wtf... all this Eva talk. Anyhow, I have an answer to the Kawrou question too.

    If you think about it, everyone's been horrifically dishonest to Shinji. Gendo is obvious, Misato essentially tricked him to coming here, Rei is... Rei, and Asuka is so erratic he hasn't been able to really get an honest experience with anyone.

    Well, I guess there was Rei, but you could see the sanity levels drop when Rei dies, and the Rei that comes back.... isn't the same anymore. Shinji is extremely scared of Rei III, and pretty much remains this way to the end, because she's just not the person he knew and cared about.

    Plus Rei is extremely pissed by now, lol.

    Kawrou on the other hand just never minced any words. He pretty much lived up to everything he said he'd do, and never hesitated. In fact, he might actually be the most honest and mentally stable person in the whole series. But then he betrays Shinji, not out of malice, but of the fact that they were enemies to begin with and he's just doing what he has to do. But in the end, he still willingly chooses to die so that humanity may survive. Who else in the series could make that big of a sacrifice for Shinji at that point?

    .... Until End of Evangelion, which is why Misato is one of my favorite characters. But that's besides the point.

    If we get into the idea that the show professes a lot, "the hedgehog dilemma", it's that humans have a hard time to trying to reach out to each other due to fear of pain. In fact, all the tragedy of the series could be linked to people taking very long ways around to avoid talking to each other. Instrumentality is... the epitome of this-- this entire convoluted plan that forces people to be together. It would seem that people only contacted other if they had a use for them.

    So the only person that is above all this turns out to be an angel, and he's gonna die, so... well shit sucks. It led to that hilarious moment in EoE, if you remember when the giant Lilith-rei combo scares Shinji until it takes the form of Kawrou.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2011-08-14 20:45
    Sounds good.
  4. calorie
    2011-08-13 00:46
    Ahh, Usagi Drop is wonderful.
  5. calorie
    2011-08-12 12:18
    Thanks! I see you're watching Steins;Gate which is my top show of this season; and Ano Hana you completed-- I liked that a lot. Should probably post more on the current series =p
    Had a good feeling about Steins;Gate from the moment it started, was a bit surprised that not too many people from the anime community had high hopes for it at the start of the season (perhaps it's just the impression I got). The last few episodes were a bit overwhelming though because of all the timeline hopping, probably would have had a better grasp of that by now had I stayed on AnimeSuki but oh well. As for Ano Hana - I shed a few to lots of tears every single episode so I'll leave you to figure out whether or not I liked it...

    Usagi Drop is highly recommended btw.
    Oh to hell with it man, I'm doing my best not to add another show to the top of this ever-growing pile of must-finish animes but Usagi Drop is really tempting - I tried my best to avoid all the praises on anime blogs lol.
    I remember how much you liked CLANNAD though and you seem to have good taste so I might try to fit it in somehow, I'm not too far behind anyway
  6. Archon_Wing
    2011-08-12 12:00
    Thanks! I see you're watching Steins;Gate which is my top show of this season; and Ano Hana you completed-- I liked that a lot. Should probably post more on the current series =p

    Usagi Drop is highly recommended btw.
  7. calorie
    2011-08-12 11:53
    Yes, but I sort of dropped on that before so I made a new account now (BradPitt). As a matter of fact, I sent you a friend request.
  8. Archon_Wing
    2011-08-12 11:48
    Did you use myanimelist or anything like that before?
  9. calorie
    2011-08-12 11:19
    I sure am -- most of the good stuff from the Summer season, some leftovers from the Fall and I have a whole bunch of older animes waiting on-hold. Though I haven't been active on AnimeSuki I still kept watching animes (though at a somewhat more casual pace).
  10. Archon_Wing
    2011-08-12 11:12
    Hi. watching anything lately?

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