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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Akiyoshi
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  1. Archon_Wing
    2012-07-17 23:25

    Try typing in your name or screen name and see what anime gets made about you!

    I got:

    Sounds like a School Days style ending XD
  2. Akiyoshi
    2012-07-09 10:32
    bhl88 already answered but yeah, i'm talking about the AEC-Equipement. I was alreayd used to the colourfull and diverse styles of Devices, the AEC-Equipement look too big, techy and frail to my tastes (all those tubes, connections and metal fins make those look like unfinished and fragile machines and Signum's AEC-Cleaver to look like a fish or something xDU).
  3. Archon_Wing
    2012-07-08 21:57
    What oversized equipment are you talking about?
  4. Akiyoshi
    2012-07-08 10:52
    A rare case, and one of the reasons Saber is so awesome (i still like Signum better than her, tough).

    And yeah, Signum is pretty screwed with writers like these ones who stripped her from her gallant sword and equiped her with hideous oversized stuff xDU Gosh i hate the AEC-Equipements and Kurogin for coming up with these lame designed weapons xDU
  5. Archon_Wing
    2012-07-08 06:23
    Saber did fine eventually though.

    Then again the writers weren't incompetent. I guess we're sorta fucked for Nanoha.
  6. Akiyoshi
    2012-07-07 16:52
    Or Saber, or Casca, or Ferris, or Erza, or any badass stoic lady of war with a knight motif you can name xDU

    Seems it's a curse that follows all of them as pretty much every Signum-like character i know end up being horribly worfed sooner or latter xDU
  7. Archon_Wing
    2012-07-07 15:37
    Yea, that's the idea. After you beat the game, you can take your stronger characters into higher difficulties (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno). The later ones have random bullshit monsters that will worf your characters for no god damned reason. Thus if you make a character named Signum, it'll be perfect!
  8. Akiyoshi
    2012-07-07 02:50
    I guess you get to face some demons or something xD
  9. Archon_Wing
    2012-07-06 20:12
    Action-RPG, click and point really, with item collecting as a focus.
  10. Akiyoshi
    2012-07-06 13:26
    Diablo 3 o.o? I had heared a thing or two about that game what genere is? What happened to 1 and 2 xD?

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