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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Akiyoshi
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  1. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-25 20:07
    Yeah, suffering indeed xDU
  2. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-25 02:41
    The gar downs considerably in Ep 2 but i won't complain about it because i love Gar(Kanade was just plain awesome and she leaves the scene with a Kamina-level Crowning moment of Awesome xD! What can i say, i'm a big TTGL fan xD). And the more you get involved in Tsubasa's inner toughts the more woobie she'll become, Hibiki is nice but for now she's just an ok main character to me.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-25 02:28
    Hhhmmm... new gems? Well, there's a series about a genki-girl getting into a mecha and doing a German Suplex to an enemy(a Mecha-German Suplex xD!) i don't know if the series is any good but the main character is likable and the german suplex was awesome xD!
    What is that????

    Aha, I tried Symphogear, and all i cared about was the Nana Mizuki insert song and probably that character. So she really is like Fate? Hmm, personally I thought the show was too garbled in episode 1 but hey...
  4. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-24 12:28
    Kanon 2006?

    Poor Mai... but most of all... POOR MAKOTO!!!! ToT

    Her Arc(the first no less) was very soul crushing, it really prepared me for the rest of the series. Ayu is my favourite girl but i admit i really feel sorry for Makoto.

    Hhhmmm... new gems? Well, there's a series about a genki-girl getting into a mecha and doing a German Suplex to an enemy(a Mecha-German Suplex xD!) i don't know if the series is any good but the main character is likable and the german suplex was awesome xD!

    The one i'm following for now is Zenki Sessho Symphogear, it's an interesting concept with good action scenes and the most woobiest warrior girl i've seen since Fate Tesstarossa(and coincidentally also voiced by Nana Mizuki xDU). It have it's details so it's far from perfect but i find it quite interesting, it gives me tons of Nanoha vibes.... fact we said that the series is like:

    Nanona meets Madoka, meets Vocaloid: THE ANIMATION

  5. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-24 04:11
    I give credit where it's due. That means I don't play favorites-- I can give the same person cookies and negs depending on content. Though I admit, certain threads and boards (Nanoha Boards are quite bad) get me tossing a lot of negs; I can recharge it on someone twice a month if they're that offensive. So yes, at least I see an intent to improve even if you are spiteful (Force is... well no need to say) and I would like to encourage said behavior.

    Normally I don't approve of too much moderation, but I think the moderation on the Nanoboards was long past due-- kinda went into anarchy there. XD

    Anyhow, any other gems you've found this season?

    BTW, did you watch Kanon? There's a certain other swordsmadien we can talk about.
  6. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-13 19:08
    To be honest i'm not a saint either xDU. And i admit that during the past year i do make some mean spiritted comments out of frustration and becuase i felt cornered by everyone(like the Signum's "Happy Worfday" thing, i was really spitefull that time xP). Sometimes i let my anger take the best of me and turn bitter, but it's nice to be able to talk about this. It really helped me to feel better and a bit more "realistic" around this, so i thank you for the cookie xD
  7. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-13 18:57
    WTF! I thought you meant this for someone else.

    But anyhow, that's not a bad thing. I respect your ability to detail out your opinions and listing all your alleged pros and cons. But yea, perhaps, you should like fanservice a bit more, though I guess it times given the more racier comment on the net, there's certainly a stigma.

    And yea, I can tell you're not being malicious, just being yourself as usual. XD Hopefully people understand the difference.
  8. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-13 05:05
    Yup. even if i openly said i dislike BTF that doesn't mean i hated it and even then i can appreciate some good stuff from Nanya's work some times, it's just that our tastes are pretty different at some points.

    For example, probably you guys think i'm a gutless goody good because i'm not on the boat of those who like fanservice on your fanfiction, i do crnk smile at cunning spicy jokes from time to time but i'm not fond of seeing characters derailed for the sake of fanservice(i can understand Hayate, Shari or more or less Shamal but when the likes of Fate and Arisa are involved into that kind of stuff i get unsettling feelings instead of laughs).

    Other think that Nanya is very good with but i don't follow him is his level of "DARK" on his stories, well he openly admitted he likes to torture characters so there's few for me to add, it's just my personal taste(and of course when Signum's turn at the bat comes i feel insecure xDU).

    We also can't agree on power levels, i admitedly only watched Slayers to the end of NEXT but i think i have a clear grasp of what slayers-vers magic can do and it's very unbalanced(regular spells are mostly weaker than in Nanohaverse but bigger final spells are a lot more powerfull xD), but again that comes more as personal tastes clashing against each other xDU. Still he do come up with interesting ideas about the combination of their magics but most of the time i feel an aura of superiority coming from slayersverse magic(but probably that's just me).

    What i grew to like about him are the emotional interaction between characters, whe they aren't in a pit of darkness of stealing each other's panties i can appreciete very good narrative and even if some of them are OOC at times they feel believable. I can feel their grieve, hapiness, sadness or excitement. I was quite shocked at what he prepared for Signum, i don't like keeping my toughts to myself so i questioned some stuff trying to not being picky(i can think about two or three ways in what Signum can deal with the overpowered BTF Cinque and about 7 or 8 she can do it with Canon Cinque, but i guess Nanya won't let a rematch to happen xDU). But after the pain weared down a little i get amused at the possibilities(Signum crippled and growing in frustration while engulfed by darkness xD) and i'm waiting at how Nanya will handle this(i feel guilty at the irony because i think it's my fault Naya got so harsh on Signum in first place xDU), i know it won't be pretty but i know Nanya also disliked how the Force-manga is handled so i think he will develop her differently from Tsuzuki. long as he don't take the easy way of giving her bionic parts i'll be fine xD. Not only because of preference(i don't like seeing Signum being too relaint of other stuff aside of her own awesomeness, Agito and Laevatein ...and only recently started to accept reliance on Agito xD) but also because in canon, bionic implants are impossible for Mid-Childan science, it's one of the very reasons of why there are so few Cyborgs and of why Scaglietty is considered a genius, an individual must be genetically manipuled from birth to have acces to bionic parts, otherwise the body will reject it. But well, it's Nanya's fic, not mine, i guess if he decides to go that path with Signum he will think of some applied phlebotinum to allow her body to use such stuff.

    I like seeing heroes having conflict from time to time but also like to seeing them being awesome at what they do better. Probably is my main clashing with Nanya's style.

    So, in resume, no, i don't "hate" BTF i just have differences with some aspects of the fic. Even if i generally don't like it it's still amusing in it's own way so i'll follow it each time it touches a topic i that catches my attention.

    ....sorry for the wall of text xDU.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-13 04:20
    Wtf pony. Is it that meme.

    But yea, I've noticed your posts have gotten a lot better regarding "that". I admit there was once a point I got fed up and negrepped you, though I think I've made up for that in the meantime.

    I think the greatest trouble of those boards is distrust and paranoia. People always think other people are insinuating stuff they really aren't. Like every post is a hidden insult when it's really not. Nah, not every post has hidden insults, except for mine...

    Once people realize people aren't here to ruin everything it'll be better. Just because you have criticism doesn't mean you hate it, right?
  10. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-13 00:47
    Yeah, it sucks, i may commited mistakes in the past and probably commit some more in the future but at least i want to be judged by my own actions and opinions instead of others's xDU.

    By the way, why Ponies are so damn powerfull? Rainbow Dash can curbstomp Nanoha, a pony can take the Ace of Aces down from the sky, a pony xDU.

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