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Conversation Between Cake-kun and skyfirefly
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  1. skyfirefly
    2008-08-09 07:40
    whats it about ba? romance?
    shoujo? shounen? or ecchi? :P
  2. Cake-kun
    2008-08-09 05:20
    Adunno kung magugustuhan mo siya, but i like it. ;] It's a good manga.
  3. skyfirefly
    2008-08-05 05:21
    ano yun? is that a good manga? i might read...
    VK is currently stopped at its current chapter...
  4. Cake-kun
    2008-08-03 05:18
    So. Nag ma.manga ka din pala. Heheheh. :] Ako, ang current kong binabasa eh yung Koukou Debut. :] Hahahah .^^
  5. skyfirefly
    2008-08-03 02:03
    koihime musou and soul eater.. then Vampire Knight manga! hekhek
  6. Cake-kun
    2008-08-02 06:45
    Me? I'm currently watching the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. :] eh ikaw?
  7. skyfirefly
    2008-08-02 03:11
    uy online tau ahh sabay!
    Whats up today?
    what anime's do you watch?
  8. Cake-kun
    2008-08-02 03:06
    Oh. Is that so? Very well, belated happy birthday. :]
  9. skyfirefly
    2008-08-02 00:29
    ahaha Pinoy question! so much!~
    15? kala ko B ka? babae.....
    your so far im from manila
    far.. quite... and 18 M oh 19
    just had my B-day yesterday xD
  10. Cake-kun
    2008-08-01 01:02
    Si Sacchin lang kakilala ko na pinoy. (siya muna bago ikaw, tapos ikaw na din. :]) ASL? ano to? chat? XD Hahahah. ^^ 15,M,Cavite. :] Oo nga eh, pinoy na pinoy masyado yung tanung mo. Hahahah.

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