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Conversation Between Cake-kun and Miki7
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  1. Miki7
    2008-08-03 15:02
    Now I've got all the episodes... you can watch it in this site the episodes are not in order, but they all are there... and with a program you can make download of the animes you like from youtube, dailymotion, myspace tv across the program is aTubeCatcher you can find him on google...
  2. Cake-kun
    2008-08-02 21:10
    Yeah. That was so funny. :] If i have the spare time, i watch it again, especially my favorite parts. :] Hahahah.
  3. Miki7
    2008-08-02 11:55
    do you remember the first time risa hit otani, she alwas says "idiot!!" , what a pair!! thank you, now I'm crazy about that anime =)
  4. Miki7
    2008-08-02 11:05
    Hi cake-kun I showed up and I'm thanking you for telling me to see the anime "lovely complex" it was so funny, romantic and crazy at the same time...Now i've got all the episodes I love it!! thanks
  5. Cake-kun
    2008-07-28 10:16
    Thanks. :] I'll take that as a compliment. ^^
  6. Miki7
    2008-07-28 10:14
    I see thanks =) BTW you're a nice person
  7. Cake-kun
    2008-07-28 10:13
    BTW means "By The Way". I'm used of using BTW instead of that long. :]
  8. Miki7
    2008-07-28 10:09
    lol thanks I understand you very well, but what's btw? I think I don't find that in a dictionary xD
  9. Cake-kun
    2008-07-28 10:06
    Aww, i see. Sorry for not knowing it, cause i'm such an airhead. XD BTW, that "today's post" are the new posts that a user replies to a thread, (to make it short, a message you posted to a thread.) I hope you understand, I'm no good at explaining at all. XD
  10. Miki7
    2008-07-28 10:01
    That option it's above your photo, there are options like : USER CP, forum rules xD

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