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Conversation Between Cake-kun and Miki7
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  1. Cake-kun
    2008-07-28 09:56
    I can explain it, but first, where's the option today's post can be found? (To tell you the truth, i ignore some in this site. All i did is post something in a thread, or replying someone, like we do now. ;] Hahahah.)
  2. Miki7
    2008-07-28 09:50
    Thanks I signed up I see that is a option that says " today's posts". That posts are questions you make for another users? Can you tell how to post to them? thanks
  3. Cake-kun
    2008-07-28 09:46
    Oh, sure thing. I love friends. :] Well, hell yeah, ouran is a bit gay, especially the twins. :] Hahahah. ^^ Bout the anime, no problem. ;]
  4. Miki7
    2008-07-28 09:43
    You're welcome, hey listen I'm portuguese but thank God I'm the best student at english in my class, I understand you. Thank for telling me another anime I can see . I saw Ouran high school host club...but you have to say that it was a little gay, lol, but it was funny. Can we be friends? See ya
  5. Cake-kun
    2008-07-28 09:39
    Thank you for the photo comments. :] I love photo comments. I also forgot to put that they are the homo and the incest. That's the missing nickname i've been thinking of. Thank you for commenting that.

    Again, thank you for the photo comment. :]

    PS: Try lovely complex. I dunno if you'll love that, but it has a romantic aura for me, so i recommended it. ;]

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