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Conversation Between Nickymanga and Nervous Venus
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  1. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-25 12:28
    Nervous Venus
    LOL Thanks for coming!! I just meant to discuss the manga though. I think that person I was debating hasn't really read V12 yet and came to his conclusions through wikipedia-like summaries that don't detail whole conversations.

    I have hope for Nanami x Yano. I don't know if they'll end up together, but I'm at least 99.9 % sure they'll meet again....
    the other 1 % is doubtful.

    I feel sorry for Yuki and all, but it seems like Yano's repeating what he did in junior high: He's using her again. ;/ Plus Yuri hasn't resolved her own issues. She's also lost some of sympathy (not because of lying to Take to keep Nanami away but) because she can't see past her jealousy and insecurities and realize that Nana actually liked her and praised her for having the brains, while admitting that she was an idiot herself.
  2. Nickymanga
    2008-08-23 05:43
    Sorry! I left you hanging out there!! I didnt visit the forum for 2 whole days I'm really sorry!
    I read your post I think you really gave some good points and really open-minded veiws which I can't say for the other two!
    As an apology for leaving you to fend for yourself in the battle field I shall start an YanoXNana alliance in your name!
  3. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-21 13:38
    Nervous Venus
    I feel lonely debating with heavenorhell7 and yononaka, lol. Nobody to help back me up. (throwing hints at Nicky). ;/
  4. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-07 00:10
    Nervous Venus
    Hope you don't mind my friend request

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