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Conversation Between Jin Kizuite and Miki7
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  1. Miki7
    2009-01-09 12:19
    what are pokes?
  2. Jin Kizuite
    2009-01-04 17:25
    Jin Kizuite
    *pokes around for Miki*
  3. Miki7
    2008-12-12 12:45
    But if you don't do nothing it'll be worst and worst... If my mother and my friends didn't help and told me this I wouldn't get out of sadness. It all depends on us...friends give us advices and we have to choose if we have to go on or if we stay like this forever. A friend of mine was alwas cutting his pulse, of course I was sad I didn't like to see him like that but he now is very well because he get out with friends, did get how friends are important and now it's easier, when he's sad he talks with friends and we help all depends on you...I have to go I hope I helped you and talk to me everytime you want
  4. Jin Kizuite
    2008-12-12 12:39
    Jin Kizuite
    maybe but you should realize its harder than that.
  5. Miki7
    2008-12-12 12:27
    Oh it's not good to have few friends. To pass that sadness of yours you need to have fun with that friend of yours and tell him that you feel lonely. You know that when you are sad and you decide not to talk with anyone you'll feel 10 times more sad? Friends are important, I think you should speak with that friend of yours and tell him to help you to get more friends , it's my opinion
  6. Jin Kizuite
    2008-12-12 12:23
    Jin Kizuite
    Nope i know exactly why i'm sad, i've known since a long time. And i have few but only one who understands.
  7. Miki7
    2008-12-12 12:15
    I see that's ok . I passed by the same thing as you, you feel lonely and for some reason a lot of times you feel sad, a lot of times you even don't know why. At least you have one friend, or not?
  8. Jin Kizuite
    2008-12-12 12:12
    Jin Kizuite
    No, i stopped studying this last July because i couldn't stand everyone else. I've been doing nothing since then, but i've felt like i've been doing nothing since i grew up and began to realize the world around us. Sorry to be emo straight off the bat but i feel its better talking to you than to a pillow.
  9. Miki7
    2008-12-12 11:31
    we have our days when we feel lonely, but watching animes makes me happy due because I have to study a lot. Are you a student?
  10. Jin Kizuite
    2008-12-12 11:26
    Jin Kizuite
    Bored because i'm lonely. Don't have anything else to do except watch Anime and play some xbox 360. Such a sad life.

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