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Conversation Between Laith and bhl88
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  1. bhl88
    2011-12-22 17:26
    bhl88 <- yeah, translations are not available for this one (for some reason).

    Did Yuuno said something like: How did you know me or something?
  2. Laith
    2011-12-22 17:16
    Who knows I hope, I could probably give a "this is more or less what they are saying" type of thing but laterish, when I finish the game
  3. bhl88
    2011-12-22 17:12
    I want to know the conversation between Yuuno and Vivio though XD or I wonder if someone will translate it, like the Battle of Aces PSP
  4. Laith
    2011-12-22 17:09
    So it is, I haven't reached that far yet then. I am in Sequence 6 I think.
  5. bhl88
    2011-12-22 17:07
    12-3A ユーリVSキリエ <- isn't this Yuuno vs Kyrie? (I think the "ri" is a typo...)
  6. Laith
    2011-12-22 16:32
    Kyrie doesn't have the option to meet Yuuno, that's Amita.
  7. bhl88
    2011-12-22 16:20

    what happens if Kyrie meets Yuuno? Did you try that one?

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