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Conversation Between Worriors1 and ginran
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  1. ginran
    2009-04-06 23:20
    I'd imagine it would take a while to get that good!'re only in the 7th grade?! wow! now that I think about it, it does say "12" under your age. XD
    Yea, I know what you mean. There are a bunch of other threads though, like Bleach and Gundam, where they stay pretty active. Do you watch those shows?
    And yea, hope to see you around too!
  2. Worriors1
    2009-04-06 21:46
    Thanks! It took quite a bit of practice... And hours of my life wasted, ugh. No wonder 7th grade is so hard, haha! Kidding, I bet you can!
    Ep, yeah. It feels a lot better to be a bit back into the game, even if it is just on the Image Thread, but I'm hoping a really awesome show will come around that I can stick with and it'll be a lot like the hoards of people we had when everyone was watching Code Geass. It really was fun to have so many people ramble about the same thing, pretty hyping.
    Ah! Well, I guess that's hoping for too much, anyways, yeah! I hope to see you around!
  3. ginran
    2009-04-06 17:46
    you're welcome! you're seriously good at sig making then! I wish I could make ones like that.
    Nice to meet you too. haha, thats okay, I understand what you mean. Its easiest to find people who post in the same threads you go to often, but I guess that it'd be harder when you're less active. XD anyways, nice to meet ya again, hope you'll be on more.
  4. Worriors1
    2009-04-06 07:39
    XD Thank you, and yeah, I did make it.
    Also! Nice to meet you... I sort of fail with knowing and finding people on here, it's been so long since I've been a bit more active, haha~
  5. ginran
    2009-04-05 22:29
    Hey! just wanted to say I really like your sig, did you make that yourself?

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