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Conversation Between and blue skies
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    2008-12-08 22:09
    haha thats the whole point xD coldplay seems to have that effect @.@

    And that dress he made for her was soo pwetty 8D lol ahh as much as I’d like it to happen I can’t see it happening at all now since it’s so late into the story ishixruki would just be… suprising??

    I guess if he doesn’t get orihime he could be happy with nemu?? D: but that pairing just seems so.. blah kt better make ishi happy if it’s the last thing he does D:< lol now that you mention it ishida does look good with everyone xD I wonder how long will it take for orihime to take her eyes off of ichigo and onto uryu, I hope it wont take 5 lifetimes >,< I don’t think ishida could wait that long, and I wouldn’t want him to delay his happiness lol

    I loved loveless reason why I started reading some yaoi/shonen-ai that and gravitation just opened the door lol, explicit shota is a big no no it just isnt right Dx

    yush it really is, but its been forever since I watched it, my bro used to think I was retarded because I would cry so much while watching it, when nuriko died I cried a river and he came upstairs and was actually laughing at me xD

    I guess it just goes to show you how good a writer watase is x3

    lol and that doesn’t seem like a bad habit, usually a manga can be really good but when you go to watch the anime it might not live up to expectations, bleach does that to me sometimes <.<
  2. blue skies
    2008-12-06 23:54
    blue skies
    lol, every time I see your username, that Coldplay song gets stuck in my head.

    I have high hopes for IshiHime too xD. That's the biggest problem I have with a lot of mainstream shoujo manga -- the good guy never wins, and I always want him to. Not that Bleach is remotely shoujo, but I want Ishida to be happy too, dammit. Actually, IshiRuki isn't so crack; he did make her that dress, after all ;D. I've never heard of the pairing before now. Hell, this just proves that Ishida looks good with everyone. Though I still prefer Rukia with Ichigo. ;>

    Yaoi manga with decent plots are few and far between. Most of them are just gratituous fanservice with no character depth or substance, which is why I was so happy to find Junjou Romantica and Sakura Gari. The only thing I've read/seen that could be considered shoutacon would probably be Loveless, though there's no sex, so it doesn't bug me at all. But I agree that more, err, explicit shoutacon is probably pretty damn gross.

    Gawd, I bawled when I read Fushigi Yuugi. It was one of my first shoujo too. Is the anime just as good? I have a bad habit of never watching anime of the manga I read, lol.
    2008-12-05 18:44
    i know right?? ishida will bag orihime!! the nerd will get the girl this time :3 he just has to, (>>kubo be a very smart man, or else<<) lol gah ishida is so awesome now if ishida had any feelings for rukia ishixruki would be my otp in bleach xDD i would love to see them together, but that seems so crack, i loved it when orihime thought that ishida was in love with rukia.. she has such bad intuition lol

    ;>.> ichigo is so oblivious that he probably is asexual xD, well not to matsumoto though but who isnt.. except for hitsu, the other two bleach movies weren't all that great especially the 2nd one.. it disappointed me greatly i got my hopes up soo high because the movie was about hitsugaya then they came crashing down >< i hope it isnt the same with the next one because im more hyped over the 3rd movie than ever D; eh rabid shippers will be rabid shippers, ignorant people do ignorant things so i say its best to ignore people like that lol

    it seems pretty hard to find yaoi with a good plot or atleast a decent one, and i cant stand shota it really freaks me out xD.. so thats why i prefer shounen ai to, its mild .. one of the things i love about junjou romantica is that all the stories are intertwined though most people find it confusing at first hell i was one of those ppl xD, bwahaha the egoists are good together, hiro can be hilarious at times and not even know it and with hiro and nowaki together and they're heart warming<3

    o.o i love yuu watase <333 fushigi yugi was one of the first shoujo's i ever read/watched and i adored it gah i cried so many times while watching it to the point that i lost count hmm well sakura gari sounds disturbing and pretty good so i'll give it a go sankyuu for the info blue :3
  4. blue skies
    2008-12-04 00:21
    blue skies
    Thank God, another IshiHime shipper. You're like a godsend, lol. I'm hoping against hope he'll end up helping Orihime out in some way too -- I get sick of the nerdy guy never getting the girl, you know? MizuiroxTatsuki probably isn't gonna happen, but I just love those two. Couldn't agree more that they need more screen time.

    I figured you were pro-IchiRuki, lol. Glad to see another on the ship . I kind of lost interest in it because Ichigo seems so... asexual xD. I'm curious about the new movie. I haven't seen the other two, but I've heard they're less than stellar, so I'm cautiously optimistic. I can't believe people have actually cursed you out; that's so childish. It's sad that some people can't accept different opinions. Rabid shippers are a scary, scary thing.

    lmao, I know what you mean xD. I have no standards, but some of it's just too explicit even for me. I prefer mushy shounen ai, but I'm not averse to yaoi at all if the story's good enough. Junjou confused the crap out of me at first too, because they all look so similar (lol at triplets comment XD) and the stories are all intertwined. Every so often Misaki would pop up in an Egoist chapter or Usagi would make an appearance and I'd be like, "waithuhwhat???" The Egoist pair - I know, right? So damn adorable. A couple of their chapters almost made me cry. Thanks for the info; I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Thank you, lovely!

    RE: Sakura Gari It's a Yuu Watase manga (she's written some awesome shoujo, so I just had to follow it, lol) and it's pretty damn depressing. It's released seasonally; so far there are only five chapters (though they're relatively long), but they've encompassed murder, suicide, rape, incest and insanity. Definitely not a light read, but it's very good. If you don't mind screwed up, tragic characters and some intense subject matter, give it a go.
    2008-12-03 21:57
    i love shipping ishixhime ;>.> im still stuck on the whole soul society thing... if kubo were a brilliant man he'd let ishida save orihime, only time will tell though *crosses fingers* (ishida better go and save his woman D:<).. lol xDD thats the first time i ever heard of someone shipping mizuiro and tatsuki they dont seem like they'd make a bad couple, i just hope kubo will give em alot more screentime ><

    it looked like it was fun but now that your telling me about it, it doesnt sound like it.. maybe it was for the best that it was shut down xD.. yeah im an ichixruki shipper, not that rabid though more like a "hyped" shipper, usually if you dislike a ship or don't approve of it people go all crazy on you if your on the other end of the spectrum and alot of shippers can't seperate themselves from their ships xD i actually got cursed out a few times for not supporting ichixhime which was totally hilarious that ppl can act like that on the internet but not in real life.. unless they’re really rabid shippers xD but it comes with the job oh the joys of being a shipper ><

    i think it’s well worth the watch .. im very picky when it comes to yaoi because some of it can be well, disturbing?? it’s the only yaoi im following atm the only thing i don’t like about it is all the male characters are drawn very similarly, when they first introduced hiroki I couldn’t tell hiroki apart from misaki, then shinobu came in and made everything worse all three of them looked like triplets xD yet their personalities are very different and you start to notice the little things they do that set them apart very apart lol, junjo egoist hirokixnowaki are my favorite couple also they‘re adorable xD, I havent read the manga yet but it shouldn’t be too different from the anime atleast I think so ><

    o: sakura gari, I havent heard of it, is it a good bl read??
  6. blue skies
    2008-12-03 12:07
    blue skies
    That's the reason I joined in the first place too xD. I'm a former IchiRuki shipper, now I only care about MizuiroxTatsuki (lol) and IshidaxInoue (and to a much lesser degree, UlqHime and ZarakixUnohana). My ships are fairly unpopular, so people don't really argue with me, lol. I don't post much in the Bleach threads anymore. Trust me, you weren't missing anything in the OTP thread except massive amounts of BS, butthurt, fail, and the occasional awesome, intelligent post. Are you an IchiRuki shipper?

    Couldn't help noticing you're watching Junjou Romantica ;>. I've read the manga and really like it (especially Hiro and Nowaki); it's the only yaoi I follow, aside from Sakura Gari. Is the anime worth a watch? Details! plz.
    2008-12-02 21:04
    haha ty :3... xD it took me awhile to understand what was going on in it to, so im rewatching flcl for the 3rd time, its super short but very addicting, naota's dad annoys me yet he's very funny

    lol the reason i joined this forum was to participate in the ichiruki-vs-ichihime thread, it looked fun at the time, but it was summer and i got caught up in my life and eventually forgot about the whole thing until recently.. and then the thread was closed D: i assume i wasnt missing out on much?? xD

    thats true, but no one should take it seriously ;>.> but regretfully they do lol shipping can be dangerous xD
  8. blue skies
    2008-12-02 12:11
    blue skies
    Anytime! :> Always nice to find someone to agree with in that thread, and with a cool sig and avatar to boot. I re-watched FLCL recently, and decided that even if I don't understand what the hell's going on 90% of the time, it's still pretty awesome.

    lol, you should have seen the old IchiHime vs. IchiRuki thread. If anything, it was even worse than this one, and was eventually closed. People can get so personal when they think their ship is threatened.
    2008-12-01 21:15
    sankyuu for the rep just noticed it now xD

    the orihime hate thread is overrated, even though she's not my favorite character i know that she isnt a stalker or fat, she may be emotional but not "emo", gah can't they come up with other reasons or atleast better arguments to hate or/dislike her not because she's "fat" or a "stalker" ... *sigh* kids these days

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