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Conversation Between Rainbowman and The Chaos
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  1. Rainbowman
    2008-08-05 13:05
    So how are you able to see the japanese dub of One Piece? On perhaps? And how's your progress in the series?
  2. The Chaos
    2008-08-01 14:07
    The Chaos
    I Didn't Hear Many Dub Before only two animes ...and I'm Not Sure about The Companies But The Japanese Voices are Much Better Then The Dub
  3. Rainbowman
    2008-08-01 14:02
    Now don't get me wrong but a different american dub is doing a better job. That dubbing is being done by FUNimation and is being released on DVD. FUNimation is dubbing it the way it was intended to be. Season 1 First Voyage is already out on DVD and Season 1 Second Voyage is coming in September.
  4. The Chaos
    2008-08-01 13:48
    The Chaos
    Yeah I'm The Japanese Version
    I hate Dub animes and I stay away from Them...
  5. Rainbowman
    2008-08-01 13:40
    Say are you watching the One Piece series from japan? I hope you're not watching the american 4kids dub version. From what I heard 4kids did a terrible job in dubbing it. (boo! hiss!) And what's worse, they had to leave out the Little Garden arc leaving a BIG plothole.
  6. The Chaos
    2008-08-01 04:25
    The Chaos
    Thanks ..I'm Close To watch him I'm ep 88
  7. Rainbowman
    2008-08-01 00:23
    To answer your question on when Portgaz D. Ace appears in One Piece:

    In the Alabasta arc.
    Chapter 154 (manga)
    Episode 91 (anime)
  8. The Chaos
    2008-07-31 18:13
    The Chaos
    I Posted Yesterday about Ace ..But no one Answered me ..So I didn't Post anything ..and you should wait for While ago Before Someone Post in There ..The Group Only Started Yesterday (I think) ..
  9. Rainbowman
    2008-07-31 18:09
    Don't you have anything to put in my social group page?
  10. The Chaos
    2008-07-30 18:09
    The Chaos
    Thanks For The Friend req...But Good Thinking opening The OP Group

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