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Conversation Between Rainbowman and Blackbeard D. Kuma
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  1. Rainbowman
    2009-01-08 00:37
    Hey there B.D.K. No see long time. I have a question for you about One Piece- Unlimited Adventure, that is if you have played it: What is the maximum HP (Health Power) and SP (Stamina Power) is there? I know for HP it's at 2000 and I'm working on raising the SP to maximum. So do you have any idea?
  2. Rainbowman
    2008-08-17 20:08
    Say there, mind finding anime AND manga pics of all the times Nami was crying?
  3. Rainbowman
    2008-08-03 14:50
    Excuse me sir, I've been hesitating to ask you something because your avatar and your signiture are intimidating (oh boy) but would you like to join my One Piece group?

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