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Conversation Between Miki7 and Pandabreaker
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  1. Miki7
    2011-03-13 14:34
    Hi I didn't come here for a long time
    I spent more time on d-addicts watching drama
    How are you?
  2. Pandabreaker
    2010-11-04 14:01
    oh! And as per usual, I've been drawing and browsing the web for anime fanarts.

    Currently looking for 'Working' fanarts. The anime of 'Working' was pretty awesome and I've become quite infatuated with the canon couple. So I'm looking for those at the moment =3.

    Studies... as much as I like to neglect them, I also have to do them. Currently interested in finishing math for some reason. Funny how I dislike the subject math, but do rather fairly well on it lol xD.

    Keep it cool and happy. Gots to go. I owe a few friends a very, very LATE fanart(s) @-@
  3. Pandabreaker
    2010-11-04 13:56
    Always reading shounen manga for me. And yes, I have been neglecting a few manga as well. These particular series I've become interest in this year has been getting rather boring. Some of the ones I usually read frequently have also been dropped due to lost of interest or the fact that they went too far on fanservice. I admit since I'm a guy I do like ecchi in shounen manga, but not those that go waaaaaay over board.

    I'm also a student and I'm mostly heading in the field of 3D animation and motion graphics. =3. Fun stuff!
  4. Miki7
    2010-10-28 15:43
    so did I into taking a break on this forum. I'm a student, you know? so I have to study hard more reading real books instead of mangas... in my opinion there have been some mangas that are trash but there are a lot that are interesting. I like shoujo mangas (dislike smut, ecchi, hentai) and you??
  5. Pandabreaker
    2010-10-16 20:50
    sorry! ><! I was taking a VERY long break from animesuki T-T. But yes! I guess now I can get to know a fellow member xD.

    I was actually more into drawing up anime and the like hehe ^^;! So whats been up? =3
  6. Miki7
    2010-04-04 15:55
    now we can know each other! Thanks for giving me a 'happy birthday' altough it already passed some time xD
  7. Pandabreaker
    2010-03-22 14:49
    Don't know you, but happy Birthday anyways. May your wishes come true

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