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Conversation Between Miki7 and Nikusu
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  1. Miki7
    2009-03-13 04:55
    really, wow!!! I got to try
  2. Nikusu
    2009-03-06 19:34
    Nope. I never really "learned" how to do signatures. I just practiced with Photoshop and I already had experience (very little) from high school.
  3. Miki7
    2009-03-06 19:20
    oh sorry you make nice signatures, did you learn it to do it here?
  4. Nikusu
    2009-03-04 23:16
    I do it all the time. This is probably the 10th time now. If you look at my previous pages you'll see posts deleted by me with the reason of "I'm an idiot." Anyway, C.C. from Code Geass. =)
  5. Miki7
    2009-03-04 16:36
    XD you posted on your page, taht happen a lot with me , what's C.C?
  6. Miki7
    2009-02-27 14:55
    I enjoyed although there were some things that I thought that it could be better...but I still think that it's very good...and I'm thinking on reading the manga so what are you doing?
  7. Nikusu
    2009-02-27 14:52
    I've never watched it. I hear good things. I just don't have time these days.
  8. Miki7
    2009-02-27 12:27
    Yeah I heard a lot about that...but I prefer the anime to end first you like Nana?
  9. Nikusu
    2009-02-24 17:07
    You totally should. The manga is AMAZING.
  10. Miki7
    2009-02-24 09:50
    That was unespected .... but I'll read the manga after the anime finish

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