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Conversation Between Megacrash Gr and Miki7
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  1. Megacrash Gr
    2009-01-31 09:28
    Megacrash Gr
    Haha....tnx Miki
  2. Miki7
    2009-01-31 08:47
    your avatar it's so cute *.*
  3. Miki7
    2008-12-26 13:18
    merry christmas and also happy new year
  4. Megacrash Gr
    2008-12-24 13:11
    Megacrash Gr
    Happy Holidays!
  5. Miki7
    2008-12-09 08:51
    yeah I'll see you next time
  6. Megacrash Gr
    2008-12-05 17:22
    Megacrash Gr
    love to if my family had the money chat with u later. see ya around.
  7. Miki7
    2008-12-05 17:16
    you should come to Algarve on summer the beaches are really great well I gotta go Megacrash I liked to chat with you see ya
  8. Megacrash Gr
    2008-12-05 17:10
    Megacrash Gr
    Europe is a great place....they got Great Britain,France,Spain, and to visit them all.
  9. Miki7
    2008-12-05 17:07
    neat it's fantastic? xD I wouldn't say fantastic I would say cold...very cold _ and I'm on one of areas that are hotter ... some cities have snow but mine not xD What can I say about portgual? small country and every year more people and foreigner choose portugal to spend their vacation...english people here are a lot of ones, brasilians, latin-american persons
  10. Megacrash Gr
    2008-12-05 17:00
    Megacrash Gr
    So how's Portugal? pretty neat country if u ask me.

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