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Conversation Between raxel and Bennyswan
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  1. Bennyswan
    2008-08-16 13:33
    your mom tells you to come over
  2. raxel
    2008-08-16 11:32
    hey ben can i come over
  3. raxel
    2008-08-01 18:35
    gg eh? lol :P im sleeping over tomo so wanna play somemore? hopefully itll be lot colder
  4. raxel
    2008-07-31 23:26
    get me one too!!!!! lol
  5. Bennyswan
    2008-07-31 23:25
    No I'm getting a free one from my friend.
  6. raxel
    2008-07-31 23:23
    seriously? are you getting one for yourself?
  7. Bennyswan
    2008-07-31 23:21
    No I'm going to Canadian tire and they sell some cheap ass rackets lol for 10 bucks (around there)
  8. raxel
    2008-07-31 23:20
    hey if i brought ten bucks i'd buy it from your friend wesley and theirs a court nearby your house O.O?!?!?!??!?!
  9. Bennyswan
    2008-07-31 22:59
    You're coming back tmmw? Ahh do you have 10 bucks or something buy a tennis racket lol and we'll go to a nearby court and play some tennis.
  10. raxel
    2008-07-31 22:54
    stupid damn mother peice of ....... >:[ ill get u bak tomorrow

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