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Conversation Between Last Sinner and 0utf0xZer0
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  1. Last Sinner
    2011-11-04 00:49
    Last Sinner
    I never crack more than 300kbps so you're well ahead of me. Australians generally have stuff all idea about higher-end quality and trash on those that do via politics.

    Well, Gundam Double Zeta is the only Gundam I've ever been able to truly like. Mainly because the cast is free of super douchebags and overly bishie lineups. It's a parody-oriented version. Hence 'Anime ja nai!' The aim was to give you a more amusing line than the vid you linked. It took me half a year to appreciate it, so all in good time. Tuturu March left my head today, fyi. ^^

    Good luck with those midterms and don't deprive yourself of sleep.

    As for the Charlotte figure, well - most of my figures are a lot more saucy. That Charlotte one should help tone the collection down a bit. ^^
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-11-03 12:43
    I found the idea of Mayuri being Vader's dojikko apprentice amusing, although it would never work since Mayuri doesn't have enough negative emotion to become a dark jedi.

    I'm surprised to see something that tongue in cheek used as a Gundam OP. If your aim was to get it caught in my head, however, you failed... I currently have immunity to most distractions due to my studying for midterms defense, although the sleep point upkeep cost sucks.

    Since you're discussing download speeds in Canada, I'll just note that on a good day I can have like two downloads going at 1MB/s sometimes on my 25/2mbps connection - but I'm in a major urban area in Western Canada, and Western Canadian ISPs are generally far superior to Eastern ones. (If you look at a map of Canada, Triple_R and I are pretty much at the exact opposite ends of the country.)
  3. Last Sinner
    2011-11-03 00:41
    Last Sinner
    Thanks for getting the Tuturu Imperial March stuck in my head... ;-; ^^; It was amusing though.

    A gift for you in return
  4. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-11-02 04:55
    Figure looks great… question is, are you comfortable buying and displaying Infinite Stratos merchandise?

    I still don’t think you’re getting a good chunk of Kuroneko’s appeal. A contrast with Kirino is perhaps in order.

    Who likes Kirino? Primarily people who consider themselves otaku – because she’s one of them.
    Who likes Kuroneko? Primarily people who consider themselves different or better than other otaku. Like them, she’s snarky and jaded about it. I have never seen Kuroneko as a “quiet girl” in the vain of Kanade, Yuki, Kotomi, etc… she’s snarky and anti-social, which is a whole different can of worms.

    BTW, this is why it took me a while to come to like her… but the bits with her at home in episode 9 and her flirting with Kyousuke in episode 11 showed that much of this was an act and that she had a kinder side. Similarly, I initially found Tsugumi in the visual novel Ever 17 incredibly abrasive until her snark and cynical nihilism started to come apart at the seams – after which she quickly advanced to become one of my favourite characters ever. Actually, the two are so similar in some ways I’ve occassionally thought of Kuroneko as “loli-Tsugumi”.

    3. I've been raised by feminists and been in the midst of turmoil for most of my life. I can't handle the concept of a nice, quiet female. It's just completely intangible for me. Can I appreciate loneliness? Yes, but not from them.
    I’ll respond to this because I think it makes sense to discuss this before the others. I could kind of tell from what you wrote to Reckoner that quiet girls aren’t really your thing. In my case, I wouldn’t necessarily say quiet girls are my perfect match, but I tend to be fairly reserved and hence have trouble considering high energy girls as appealing. Shy and quiet is fine. Charming but laid back is fine. Actually, even aggressive is fine… so long as its not noisy or high energy aggressive – Hitagi from Bakemonogatari being a good example.

    I think there’s also a perception – and I’ll admit I’m prone to it too – that shy girls bond very closely with the people that actually do manage to connect with them. Which, admittedly, I’ve seen cited as an appeal of tsunderes too. This sort of bond has a strong appeal to some.

    1. Quiet females don't calm me. They irritate me. Women in control or ones with a somewhat positive manner calm me.
    I don’t think I’d ever cite a calm feeling as the major appeal of quiet characters, although I would cite that as an appeal for certain moe shows. That I tend to feel a very profound emotional connection with them is far, far more important, as strong emotional responses are one of my primary reasons for liking many of the moe shows I do.

    I also like watching shy girls come out of their shells – “bud” if you want to get really moe about it. This one actually applies to guys too. Asaba Naoyuki (Iriya no Sora) and Renji Asou (EF: A Tale of Memories) have the same sort of appeal as Ohana (Hanasaku Iroha) or Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier). And yes, I do realize that most of those aren’t actually that shy, but this appeal applies across a broad range of characters.

    I also just like the sound of some voice actresses who do a lot of soft spoken roles (mainly Mamiko and Hanazawa). I will admit that “calming” probably plays a bit of a role here.

    Finally – because it’s a very specific case - I tend to get a serious moe high from characters that exhibit what I’d probably refer to as a “girl with first crush” effect. The effect tends to be strongest with characters who give off a “cute junior” vibe. Upon reflection this is a large part of the reason why Nadeko is so much higher than Kanade/Tenshi on my favourites list.

    (I personally think that Kanade derives some benefit from the fact her actual story – not being able to confess to thank the guy she likes because she’ll disappear if she does – is kind of cute. I can see similar story derived appeals for most of Key’s other “true path” girls (less for Nagisa than Misuzu and Ayu, I’ll admit). Does it work for me? Personally, I’ve found Key’s true path girls pretty hit and miss.)

    2. All three ended up being pitted in hostile fanbases against the lead female. I don't like 'A vs B' scenarios.
    For some reason I tend to be good at avoiding this kind of drama. And in OreImo’s case I was a “third option” supporter before I was a Kuroneko fan anyway. I actually wanted a Kyousuke/Ayase end at one point simply because I thought the two of them getting together could make for good drama centered around otaku/mundane relations. Unforunately OreImo butchers Ayase’ character after her introductory arc by turning her into a two bit yandere, I thought her original concept was brilliant.
  5. Last Sinner
    2011-11-01 10:37
    Last Sinner
    In the cases of all three girls, why I ultimately couldn't like any of the three comes down to a few reasons.

    1. Quiet females don't calm me. They irritate me. Women in control or ones with a somewhat positive manner calm me.

    2. All three ended up being pitted in hostile fanbases against the lead female. I don't like 'A vs B' scenarios.

    3. I've been raised by feminists and been in the midst of turmoil for most of my life. I can't handle the concept of a nice, quiet female. It's just completely intangible for me. Can I appreciate loneliness? Yes, but not from them.

    As for the new Last Exile, Episode 3 gave it much needed character backstory. Things make a lot more sense after this episode.

    The Charlote Dunois figure on this page...should I or shouldn't I...
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-11-01 03:23
    I have a really bad habit of accidentally posting on my own wall.

    Rushed/prototypical writing is probably in part that some parts are really rushed - they blew through six volumes of LN in 15 episodes.

    I always got the impression people’s problem with Kirino was that they felt she was ungrateful and abusive to Kyousuke and got more and more frustrated with that aspect of her character early on. On the other hand, she seems to be pretty popular with Japanese audiences, which I think is related to her being “one of them” and hence an “otaku power” symbol – Lucky Star’s Konata enjoyed similar sentiments back in 2007.

    As for quiet girls, I have quite a few on my favourite anime girls list. In almost every case, the appeal lies in a deeply felt emotional connection that is establish in spite of a lack of dialogue or strong displays of emotion. Paradoxically they actually end up appealing in a manner similar to that of characters who make extremely “raw” displays of emotion such as Taiga. Loneliness often plays a role, but it’s not my lonliness – it’s that I feel theirs.

    Sometimes this sort of deep emotional connection factors into the story itself – perhaps the ultimate example being Riken and Susukihotaru in Otome Youkai Zakuro. He’s the strong silent type and she’s shy – but she also happens to be an empath.

    Now as to the specific examples:

    Tenshi: didn’t actually get on board with this one until I saw this picture partway through the show’s run:

    I have some sort of weird “OMG SO CUTE” reaction to couples where the girl is really short… I’ve had it kick in when reviewing my cosplay photos too (though weirdly, not so much when I actually take it).

    I also feel for her having to keep her feelings towards Otonashi pent up, but this didn’t affect my opinion of the couple that much since it came so late in the series.

    Yuki: TBH Yuki is kind of the odd one out among quiet girls for me. I watched Haruhi before I really had my bearings as a moe fan and ended up liking for her awesome powers and overly logical nature (in a way similar to how one of Azusa’s appeal in K-On! is that she’s so high strung and serious) – which was cute in a way, but very different from the appeal I see in most quiet girls.

    Kuroneko:… to be honest, I don’t really see her as a “quiet girl” type. She is lonely and insecure, but that doesn’t become that obvious until later on. The moment I fell for her was in episode 9: seeing the utter contrast between “big sister Ruri” and “fallen angel Kuroneko” was really cute in a candid way, followed by the bit in episode 11 where she teases Kyousuke in a maid outfit. At that moment, her teasing and trolling actually became endearing, even if I think she crosses the line somewhat. So to me, she’s not really a quiet girl, more of an oddball teasing type.
  7. Last Sinner
    2011-10-31 23:49
    Last Sinner
    Then why does it feel like its writing is so rushed/prototypical? On that episode you say replaced the LN material - explains a lot. That episode is key to why a lot of people dislike Kirino and go for Kuroneko instead. I.e. They hate the fact Kirino was having everything going her way, almost like a Mary Sue character.

    As for those other comparison - yes, I like my characters to have some punch. But characters like Kanade, Yuki and Kuroneko have shown they're a type of character that more people are going for. Maybe out of loneliness, frustration, the fact they're easy? *shrug*

    P.S. You posted something on your own page. I think you meant to send it to Triple_R?
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-10-30 15:40
    Uh, based on the illustration scans at Baka-tsuki's page for the Ore no Imouto light novels, the anime roughly corresponds to the events of the first six books, the last of which was out months in advance of the anime. So I seriously doubt they were winging it. In spite of that the quality fluctuates wildly after the end of Ayase's arc (episode 5 in the anime, volume 2 in the novel). I'm not sure if its a problem with the source material or the adaptation (though the summaries of volume 3 make it sound a lot better than the anime version), but I've seen this happen with a ton of light novel adaptations and it really undermines my confidence in such adaptations to deliver over the long run.

    What you describe sounds a lot like the plot of the anime original episode where Kirino's single volume story gets an anime adaptation, which replaced the story in volume 3 of the novel where Kirino's story gets plagiarized. I'm far from the only person who thinks the original story would probably have turned out much better.

    THe Sheryl Nome comparison was never as important to my point as the Iriya Kana one was. Since I suspect that (like most people) you haven't actually seen Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu, I'll just TL;DR my point to "the most appealing emotionless girls aren't". There's simply a lot more life to Kana's personality (basically, a girl falling in love while ptherwise being kind of numb from a traumatic stress disorder) than Inori's.
  9. Last Sinner
    2011-10-30 05:05
    Last Sinner
    Well, I'm glad that my discussion of that episode helped you see that. It's not like it'a spectacular series, but it's doing the essentials right. This could potentially flounder still, but I seriously hope not. I'd like to think there may finally be ONE title in this genre I actually like.

    Ore no Imouto was adapted when only one volume of the manga had been written/published. So they kind of winged it based upon what the fans like. I think the author thought it was too good to be true his material was popular in anime form and didn't think things through as to where the story went. Yet it stoll got 22k sales a volume because a lot of viewers only care about characters and that's all they wanted.

    I can't comment about Frontier because I find it unwatchable to the extreme and would cast it aside very early any time I tried. I prefer the 1982 version much more.

    As for Fate/Zero, I don't like discussing it since it's like walking into a minefield when you do. Plus too many people I know IRL are blindly thinking it's perfection. I find it very hard to have a proper discussion about it with anyone except one IRL friend who has read the novels in full and told me close to everything important that happens. He helped me understand the links between F/Z and FSN more because the adaptation Deen did messed things up big time.
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-10-30 04:06
    Just reposting bits of a couple VMs I sent other people since they're relevant to our previous conversations:

    For some reason I like Bokutachi episode 4 a lot more than the first couple. I think the introduction of more plot threads and characters over the past two episodes has helped, even if Kobato is a pale shadow of Kuroneko – when it was just the initial trio, there was just too much catfighting going on. There are two girl rivalries I really like (Kana and Akiko in Iriya no Sora come to mind), but a lot of them just don’t work well for me.
    So yeah, I definitely feel the new characters are opening up some avenus. I don't think I *conciously* noticed how much Yozora was developed this episode until I read your blog post, but there's that factor too.

    Biggest concern? That this is going to end up being like Ore no Imouto where we see some interesting ideas early on (Ayase's arc was brilliant IMO) only to have it stagnate later. Hit to miss episode count is a major factor in determining whether I like these kinds of shows and very few get good grades in that regard.

    Second quote:
    -I had high hopes for Inori early on, seeing her as a bit of an “action idol” in the vein of someone like Macross Frontier’s Sheryl Nome. Now she reminds me a lot of Iriya Kana – broken and half dead. Except that Kana got significant moe points from me because I could always feel how badly she loved Asaba and how it gave her the will to keep fighting. Inori just feels kind of… dead. Maybe that’ll change over the course of the series. For the moment though, I’m liking the two pilot girls (Tsugumi and Ayase) more.
    I think it gets my point across much better than the Inori/Ame comparison.

    (I just realized that I used the same show (Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu) as a point of comparison in both quotes. There's a few respects in which I consider that show a bar setter, I'm just surprised to have two of them come up in close succession).

    Fate/Zero episode 5 exceeded my expectations and reminded me exactly why F/Z is my favourite show of the season, even if Gilgamesh is even more of an insufferable prick in this version. But for some reason I have trouble thinking of much to say about it. Maybe its just having a midterm and assignment coming up.

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