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Conversation Between Last Sinner and 0utf0xZer0
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  1. Last Sinner
    2012-12-26 05:41
    Last Sinner
    About the same. Mine was reasonable, helps when you only spend it with the one family member you get along with. My one affliction is a digestive system that feels permanently eviscerated and has been since my appendix surgery over three years ago. I hope you never have problems with yours.

    Er, I actually have no idea who that character is. ><

    Hard to pin a specific influence for Vi. But she is undeniably cool. Her Neon Strike skin is pretty cool in a more futuristic way. Unfortunately she is freaking weak on release...they need to buff her soon. 39% win rate on ranked for Vi across the LoL community is pretty bad. Quite disappointed since I was looking forward to her for weeks.

    I always felt Lulu was the one like Ilya since she loves being mischevous and warping people. Particularly since Lulu now has a Dragon Tamer skin and there's a joke about Lulu and how she ends up being Shyvana's master. Annie only gets to temporarily summon Tibbers.

    Was just jest on the small thing. ^^;

    I thought from that one time a saw a photo of your girlfriend that she was slimmer than that cosplayer. How would that comment make her think she was fat?
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-12-25 16:44
    Merry Christmas. Mine has been going well for the most part – though I somehow pulled a muscle on Christmas Eve doing nothing of note. It had been fine earlier in the day when I was actually exercising, though it had been a bit tight the week prior.

    Photo of the new Mai figure my brother got me taken using the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 my parents got me (should be nice for con photography)
    Why the limited edition pink version? It’s what the store had, apparently. To be honest, it actually kind of matches the uniforms on the Hitagi I have right next to it.

    Vi’s gloves reminds me of a home built steampunk armour glove thing one guy had at a local con – when asked why he didn’t go all out and make the lights work on it, he said it already weighed 30 pounds. Annie and Tibbers reminds me of Ilya and Berserker.

    And you did say you liked them small. :P
    My taste in women tends to be split between “legal but really tiny” and “often still short with nicely rounded if not glamorous features”. Favourite anime characters tends to be a mix of the two. Megumi Natsume, my favourite Japanese scene cosplayer, would be a good example of the latter type:
    (I’ve occasionally described this as a preference for girls with “plush” features, but my girlfriend, whom I consider to fall under that category, always complains I’m saying she looks fat if I describe it that way.)
  3. Last Sinner
  4. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-07-24 03:36
    My brother and I actually liked the first season of FMP the best, though the production values certainly improved in later seasons. What did you dislike about TSR?

    I’ve seen parts of Golden Boy but I don’t think the fifth episode is one of them. The episodes I did see combined with some B Gata H Kei is as closest I’ve come to an ecchi night either at a club or an informal screening. (Which did result in a fair bit of ridiculous “Why would I want to watch an anime about a slut” protesting from one guy who attended – who, contrary to stereotype, was definitely no moe otaku.)

    I’m finding I’m getting more enjoyment out of Total Eclipse’s combination of an actually kind of sophisticated rivalry between Bridges (the Japanese-American protagonist) and Yui with otherwise very over the top characters (ie. The Nepalese girl and Noto Mamiko’s absurdly innocent Russian loli) than I’d care to admit. Definitely not something I think is your thing though..

    Akira’s primary appeals to me would be her warmth, liveliness, general good nature, and that she’s actually clever despite being absentminded. Also, I like miko outfits and for whatever reason petite girls give me a pretty good endorphin rush.

    As a self proclaimed “pretentious moe scholar” I find her an interesting character to study. I tend to think of a character’s moe appeal as basically being a question of “Ignoring a “baseline” sex appeal, what is her charm as a girl or woman?” (I can find male characters moe too, but only on the basis of an endearing weakness. I suppose some would probably conclude that I see weak people as feminine from that but if true it’s very much a subconscious and limited thing – certainly I there are many strong female characters for which I feel their strength doesn’t decrease their femininity (or moe appeal, for that matter) at all.) On that basis it seems to me like she, along with characters like Sora no Woto’s Kanata and who knows how many others forms one of moe’s core “archetypes” – the girl who might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but makes up for it with liveliness or determination. She’s different, though, in that she’s one of the rare examples of the type I find attractive as a romantic interest. That’s not the case with most examples of the type, even among the ones I find lovable characters (ie. Ohana in Hanasaku Iroha, whom I even shipped with Kou.) I haven’t quite pinned down why.

    Edit: Just realized I missed Hyouka… I think that it has very strong characterization in addition to very strong aesthetics. In particular, I love the Oreki’s very slow burning attraction to the very, very different Eru. Not a huge surprise there – there’s a lot of shows I’ve loved essentially because I liked the lead couple, many less notable than Hyouka (Tasogare Otome x Amnesia for a recent example).
  5. Last Sinner
    2012-07-18 10:35
    Last Sinner
    Well the only Gundam I ever liked was Double Zeta. FMP was what I would lean more to, but specifically the Fumoffu series. TSR really ticked me off.

    Sword Art Online is my only series this season and comes out Sundays. Suits me just fine.

    Golden Boy was definitely the biggest hit. A seemingly classy chick having a secret fetish for getting off from her motorcycle then taking the protagnist to task to show her if a man was truly worthy of her was quite a sight to behold. And early eps of Haganai are hard to go wrong with - pity about anything after the 5th. And yes, that scene was exactly why I picked Episode 5 of YnS. That and Akira had the best personality out of any of the arc girls. Within that circle, the rest would have received iffy reactions. That bath scene got a huge laugh and applause, right from the leadup.

    I haven't watched any Hyou-ka past Ep1 but I am somewhat interested in trying, but not high on my priority list. I think the series proves the aesthetics matter but that the subject matter has to have more appeal than simplicity.

    Hmm, the key traits of Akira. I think the fact that she's the most energetic, positive and smiling girl despite her secrets from the past make her the most likeable. Her energy is very infectuous. The fact she lives somewhat carefree and untied by constraints is also intriguing. She seems to fall somewhere in between the genki and ditzy types. Energetic but sometimes she has a brain fade which leads to amusing situations (the sunscreen, the changerooms, the rail-walk, the bath, sliding down the tree while doing the splits, etc.) There is a certain feeling of wanting to protect Akira's zest and her somewhat free spirit. The serious/darker moments really feel like a downer with her - she needs to be smiling and livening things up. Whereas someone like Nao, who has a more serious face and bigger proportions, invokes a more serious and steamy scenario. I guess another aspect would be despite her outward positive nature, Akira wants to belong to a network within a home and the fact that she is forced to live alone quietly eats away at her since she has no connection to her real family. Haruka is able to bridge that gulf and give her reasons to be able to move on that. A notable early instance is when Haruka refused to give up looking for the pendant no matter how much Akira said it couldn't be done. In general scenarios, Akira was pretty unflappable but when it ht close to home, Akira was quite vulnerable.
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-07-18 02:03
    As you may have gathered from my prior VMs to Triple_R about Total Eclipse, I had a rather different impression. I was quite looking forward to seeing how the vaguely Taisho Yakyuu Musume cast would deal with the hardening process. That, of course did not happen though I actually did find the second episode's "last stand" nature pretty engaging.

    Somehow, I'm still looking forward to more after episode 3 and I'm not quite sure why. The resentment of the Japanese-American pilot towards his full Japanese commanding officer is an intruging development and the Nepalese girl (who appears to be the designated Ms. Fanservice) is cute, but in general I found the personalities and clashes of the newly introduced main cast characters far too over the top for my taste. Maybe it has to do with the setting, as my taste in mecha settings tends far more to stuff like FMP than Gundam and I think this tends a bit towards the former, which is not the norm.

    It probably helps that I typically watch it in my "end of weekend" block along with (currently) Kokoro Connect, Tari Tari and Hyouka as well due to the release timing.

    I did have some stuff to say about the ecchi night thing but then got super busy, so for now I'll just note that I'm glad Yosuga no Sora episode 5 was a hit because that bath scene gets my vote as the pinnacle of anime format ero-moe.

    P.S. What Kyoto has achieved with Chitanda Eru terrifies me. And I'm not talking about the purple eyes memes. I'm talking about the way she leans over tables, hiccuping on (far too many, it turns out) whiskey chocolates, or gets constantly sidetracked while running her festival errands.

    P.S.#2: What would you say the key personality traits of Yosuga no Sora's Akira are?
  7. Last Sinner
    2012-07-16 09:54
    Last Sinner
    I tried Muv-Luv ep1. I was rather disappointed. Those overshadowed and oily textures that plagued the 90s combined with genericness all around gave me no reason to continue. Sword Art Online only it is for this season.
  8. Last Sinner
    2012-07-03 11:53
    Last Sinner
    So an ecchi themed night happened a few hours ago at the club. Here's how it went down.

    Chobits 4 - People were entertained. Chii chanting pantsu and Sumomo's militant yet cute antics made people laugh.

    Gunbuster 2 - The perils of bathing in an open batch on a spaceship. ^^; People liked. But Gunbuster is win anyway.

    Haganai ep3 - Sena in a swimsuit - after her WTF attempt at trying to read h dialogue. People liked.

    Golden Boy 5 - I doubt anyone there that night will EVER feel the same way about motorcycles ever again! XD. Definitely the most popular item of the night.

    Ebichu 8 - Some loved and some cringed. As expected.

    Yosuga no Sora 5 - Went down better than I expected. I honestly thought this was the one that would make people get uncomfortable. They were amused and Akira's bath scene moment had the effect I thought it would. Motoka's special at the end got a lot of thumbs up. Amusingly some people are game to watch the show now.

    Seikon no Qwaser 11 - The only mistake of the night...Why the pres picked this one is beyond everyone...I AM SCARRED. And so was everyone else...aside from a yaoi fangirl with sadistic tendencies and like of crossdressing and traps. Still, that doesn't explain how she handled the inhumanity...This title gave me the absolute creeps. Won't surprise me if it ends up being the wooden spooner in the annual poll. Even those with loose or ecchi tastes found this to go way too far. I have to say, I didn't think certain yuri-ish moments could be made utterly bland/chilling - but this show did it....

    Infinite Stratos 6 - Did I expect them to like the show? Not really - which was about right. Did I expect them to like Charlotte? Yes - and they did. ^^

    Overall, for a night that could have been a disaster for most people, it ended up going well. Qwaser was the only negative.
  9. Last Sinner
    2012-06-05 08:45
    Last Sinner
    There are three more titles in this project coming up.

    It has a weird charm, that first one. I was kind of reminded of Usagi Drop for a weird reason. Then when I checked seiyuus later, the male VA did Daikichi in Usagi Drop. ^^;

    I'm kinda sad this title seems to be quite unnoticed. If my mate didn't show it to me on Saturday, I'd never have known myself.
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-06-05 01:48
    I like it... it's like an twisted and messed up version of Ika Musume.

    A friend had mentioned a "spider-loli" anime a while back, other than that I wasn't familiar with it.

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