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Conversation Between Last Sinner and Xellos
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  1. Last Sinner
    2011-11-26 08:33
    Last Sinner
    Happy Bday
  2. Xellos
    2009-06-03 00:38
    Thanks. We're struggling a bit on the heroic side due to a bit of attrition and inconsistent play, but we should be fine. I'm not sure where I said anything about questioning why people aren't downing a certain boss though.

    I'm interested in Eden of the East but haven't gotten around to dling it. While several anime are keeping me entertained atm, nothing has really stuck out as outstanding.
  3. Last Sinner
    2009-06-02 09:34
    Last Sinner
    Hey man, haven't been around here much. Nice work on your progression and your drake. My guild has only been able to do HM Hodir and MM Iron Council on 25. I'm only doing the alt raid at the moment but someone from the main raid asked me today if I'd be interested in joining the main raid sometime soon. IRL prevents me from doing that at present, but if I could do that, I might take them up on that offer.

    On what you said about 'why aren't people beating whatshisname', well, I honestly think it's a relapse of what happened in TBC when SSC and TK came out. People got tired/burnt out again or hit a skill barrier. It will continue to happen on the way to Arthas. Just like it did on the way to Illidan and Kil'jaeden.

    Anime-wise, the only thing I've liked this year is Eden of the East. Took me a while to warm to it, but after 5 episodes, I'm liking where this is going and hoping it will turn out to be epic.
  4. Xellos
    2009-04-11 11:48
    In a word, I like TTGL because of its execution. The series knows what it wants to do and accomplishes it in a brilliant matter with hardly any deviance. Yes, it's over the top, excessive, and maybe ridiculous at some times. However, it feels right in this anime and the animation, designs, music, and characters all compliment each other.

    I liked the characters; Kamina obviously for his braggadocio and "coolness" (my vocabulary fails me atm). I eventually liked Simon after watching him grow from an unsure youth to a reliable man. I can not say I particularly liked Yoko, but I did not hate her either. I wouldn't say she's a mix of Asuka and Haruko as she lacks the deep emotional brittleness of Asuka and the insanity of Haruko. Instead, she strikes me more as a more calm Misato.

    Anyways, TTGL is a great series for me as it was highly entertaining on various levels while not being completely shallow.
  5. Last Sinner
    2009-04-10 10:56
    Last Sinner
    And yet again, you show why I respect you. Most people aren't able to respect or acknowledge that fact/right about taste. They just get ultra-defensive. I've been trashed within other forums and the local club for being anti-TTGL. I stopped speaking to five people on one forums after they hounded me for 2 weeks for not liking it. And yes, they were all young adult males who like their fanservice, tsunderes, instant gratification and excessive machismo.

    Another aspect is the 2chan debarcle. I know Episode 4 was shocking animation quality, but honestly...what that co-founder guy and the chick said about 2chan was fairly true. I don't think they deserved to be sacked over that...In the end, TTGL ended up being dictated by fans too much, at least from what I could see.

    I like some of the series you like, so we're not completely different. Actually, the fact you haven't ripped into my tastes or me not liking TTGL is fairly different from what I get in other places, so I thank you for that. My profile explains what I like and why. I put a lot of effort into my recent reviews. I've received some compliments for my Minami-ke and Kurenai reviews amongst a few others. I do have to rewrite a lot of those older ones, though.

    Have you got a list of what you've watched and how you rate them? Any opinions on mine?

    I'd actually be interested to hear why you liked TTGL. If you can do it in a non-aggressive, non-'you're insane if you don't like this!', mature way, that is. Because every review I've seen of TTGL is so aloof/excessive it's insulting.
  6. Xellos
    2009-04-10 07:55
    I don't mind what you think of other series. After all, personal taste is personal taste.
  7. Last Sinner
    2009-04-10 06:46
    Last Sinner
    Short version - TTGL is a rehash of FLCL, 'The War' and Mahoromatic amongst many other Gainax series.

    Long version - I utterly despise the US cartoon-style animation. Kamina makes me so mad that I want to kill someone. Simon just annoys me with his tonality and his emo over Yoko. The side female characters are so slutty and cheap. Everything is so over the top, servicey and way too macho. Yoko is so utterly cheapened by people landing in her breasts, her breasts bouncing over-emphasised to the extreme - which is a pity because she is the only aspect of this series I don't hate, but she is so demeaned and ruined that it's whittled away to almost nothing. And it's bleedingly obvious she's a mix of Asuka and Haruko in equal amounts and given some hyped sexuality. I really hate the music - just drives me bonkers. Everything that happens is predictable. The artwork is fifth-rate. The mech designs are cornier than kiddie crap. Half the FLCL staff is in the TTGL staff and it is so freakingly obvious. TTGL feels like FLCL 2.0 but that comparison is insulting to FLCL.

    In a nutshell - TTGL is the complete anti of me.

    Gainax made 'The War' and plagued the world with the most vile emo filth of all time through that show - I hate what they did to anime as a result. There are so many Rei clones running aorund in series from the last 3 years it's disgusting. They utterly ruined Kare Kano from an epic manga into a joke of a series and incurred the wrath of manga-ka Masami Tsuda as a result. In the first half of the naughties, they made nothing but service crap and series worthy of white noise sleeping material. Gainax only survive because of rehashing 'The War'. And now TTGL will claim another generation. Everyone has a studio they despsie - mine is Gainax. Plus those that like TTGl have been very pushy and aggressive into making me watch it and slamming me for not liking it, going after me for months.

    FLCL is the only series of theirs I liked, but from what I read, Production I.G. had an equal amount of influence on the series so maybe that says something. Naota was a perfect guide of an angsty teen coming of age and learning how to be responsible and grow up. Mamimi managed to salvage her dead-end live and do something with it, plus she was intriguing with her loner personality and her antics. Haruko was just hilarious and so utterly self-absorbed, yet she was cool. She wasn't attractive but she didn't need to be. Haruko shone as a woman through her personality and her actions. She didn't need to be an aesthetic dream to. Simon feels like Naota 2.0, Yoko feels like Haruko 2.0 + Asuka 2.0, Kamina feels like Naota's father 2.0. FLCL was inspiring, funny, cool, had decent animation and divine music from The Pillows. TTGL feels like lame rehash.

    For the record, the studios I like are Gonzo, Bones and J.C. Staff.

    Feel free to rip into me. Like I said, I don't resent anyone for liking TTGL or Gainax. It's just not my kind of series at all - it's virtually the complete opposite of me. And it was the most recent of a line of recently watched series that have either underwhelmed me or infuriated me. Seirei no Moribito, Claymore, the two Higurashi series, the merde Key trio of Air/Kanon/Clannad, Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, Baccano, Dai Mahou Touge, Maria-Holic, Soul Eater, then TTGL.

    This anime list and profile should explain my tastes and feelings better.

    Don't worry - Blade and I share almost no similarites in what we like at all yet we converse quite easily. So I don't harbour any ill will towards you at all. Far from it. If anything, I find you to be one of the most well-mannered people around this site by a long shot, as well as knowledgeable.
  8. Xellos
    2009-04-10 05:16
    Why don't you like TTGL or Gainax?
  9. Last Sinner
    2009-04-08 11:06
    Last Sinner
    ANN is a decent source on new release info, but for reviews, their sarcastic wit often backfires. However, in the case of MGLN where Carl Kimlinger unabashedly accused anyone of liking that series or anything like it of being a pedophile. That infuriated me to no end.

    Local anime club's current playlist is:

    Potemayo (so-so, definitely wrong in some episodes)
    Michiko e Hatchin (liking it so far)
    Moyashimon (some episodes I like, some I'm bored by)
    The Melancholy Of Haruhi-Chan (occassionally it's funny. Then I remember why I was indifferent about the series and that I resented Kyon, Asahina and Yuki which left Haruhi as the only reason to watch)
    Chaos Head (reasonable but such a weak male lead...)
    Bounen No Xamdou (this I really like)
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (My most despised series of all time. Apologies in advance but I'm about as anti-Gainax as a person can get. But I don't knock or respect a person less for liking their works)
    The Daughter Of 20 Faces (I like this quite a bit)
  10. Xellos
    2009-04-08 10:03
    The series is Chrome Shelled Regios or Kouraku no Regios. I wouldn't say Felli is the only thing going for it, even for me. It's been a pretty decent action show so far. As far as the Death Note manga goes, I believe they were aiming for 108 chapters because 108 represents the 108 sins (or something like that) that humans have to face and overcome in Buddhist belief. So they were going for the whole symbology thing for w/e reason. In any case, I agree that they should've just went for a natural ending.

    No, I haven't read that review of MGLN. I don't usually read ANN tbh, hah.

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