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Conversation Between Knowledge Seeker and Luna91
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  1. Luna91
    2010-09-04 01:48
    Yeah i suppose its good for like 'less competition' but its still hard to get into the combined degree in the first place i suppose. for years 4 and 5 there is an option a and an option b, with option b being the one you want to get coz you graduate ready to be able to work whereas you have to do like 6 months further training with option a, so yeah everything gets pretty competitive and catty around that time lol.
    Political Science? Is that interesting? Is that a fancy name for politics lol or is it something more? Hmm seems like an interesting thing to do a thesis on, good luck if you go for it!
    Hmm i really like conciliation or the whole 'win-win' situation, so i'd love to branch off and do something like that. if not, criminal law sounds very interesting, but i'm not touching negligence with a ten foot pole, seriously i could not deal with people sueing others for basically their own stupidity, which seems to happen in the majority of the cases that we study lol. What about you? What areas of law appeal to you? And would you mind if i added you?
  2. Knowledge Seeker
    2010-09-03 10:52
    Knowledge Seeker
    Wow! That's really interesting. In my opinion, your system is better. I want to go to law school right off the bat. =P Here, you have to pass tests and fight for a law school spot. I would love your system. I took Pre-Law classes along with Political Science classes. So my degrees would reflect Pre-Law/Political Science after this year. So, if I get my Masters, it would be related Public Policy or Governmental Work. And if I decide to get my Masters, it will be before law school.

    Any type of law you are interested in specifically? Or areas you like?
  3. Luna91
    2010-09-03 01:09
    Well from the sounds of it, i think you have a graduate only law school program.
    At our law school we have graduates and we also have people who do combined degrees (me lol). So i'm doing a journalism degree alongside law.
    Which means in first year i do 50% of each, in 2nd and 3rd year its 25% law and the rest journalism, i graduate from my journalism degree at the end of 3rd year (because my law subjects count towards my journalism degree) and then 4th and 5th year is all law.
    Weird i know, i think the whole graduate thing is probably a better system, coz that means by the time you get there you definitely know you wanna do law whereas first years like me still have no clue and are paying huge fees lol.
    Ah'll work out i'm sure lol.
    So if you did your masters program instead what would it be for?
  4. Knowledge Seeker
    2010-09-02 22:52
    Knowledge Seeker
    Nice to meet ya.

    I'm in my Senior year of Uni, I'm applying for law school this year. (I'm taking the LSAT in December). I'm looking at a Masters program and a few law schools in my state.

    What about you? Is the school system the same in Australia? I'm interested in how that works. (:
  5. Luna91
    2010-09-02 18:30
    Heya Knowledge Seeker
    I noticed you happen to be a law student, same bro! lol.
    How are you enjoying law school? What year are you in?
    I'm only in first year, still got 4 more years to go after this one! *dies*
    I'm Anna by the way, nice to meet you

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