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Conversation Between - HEROiNEx and Amirali
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  1. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-12 16:26
    - HEROiNEx
    Hell yes.
    : D I grew up with those!!
    ahh, the joys of having a comic-loving Dad and brothers.
    Teehee. nwn
  2. Amirali
    2008-08-12 16:15
    I still need to add a superheroine photo album.

    By superheroine........who do you have in mind?

    Edit: NVM, I see your album now. Are you a fan of any of the American comic heroines? Like Batgirl, Wonderwoman, She-Hulk, etc?
  3. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-12 14:03
    - HEROiNEx
    Since we were both curious, I did some homework (feels slightly creepy). Here you go:

    You can judge for yourself whether the hype is justified or not

    Rofl. I think I love you for being a creeper. xDDD
  4. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-11 18:33
    - HEROiNEx
    : DDDD
    Glad to recommend something!
    I don't recommend FF12. >x>; it was really long and dragged out and boring.
    Really not fun. Battle system was though!
  5. Amirali
    2008-08-11 18:30
    Will definitely check FF10 out then. I've got a thing for bittersweet love stories; they're so much more compelling than sugary-sweet or destined-to-be cliches. Thanks for the recommendation .
  6. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-11 18:28
    - HEROiNEx
    In FF10 its really easy to get from place and place and unlock like everything. Its a great game with a great storyline. If you like bittersweet love stories, you'll like FF10. nwn Its actually one of my most memorable games of all time. >x>; I loved it so much.
  7. Amirali
    2008-08-11 18:24
    I'm not too bad at completing FF games. Although I have a naughty tendency to look up walkthroughs if I get stuck anywhere; unlike you and your brother who tackled it yourselves.
    The real problem is, I'm obsessive about levelling up :S. Got to get all the summons, unlock all the hidden characters and back story, get all the powerful items, level up the stats, own the card games......that's why I usually burn out around 75% of the way into an FF game :P.
    Well, at least in FF7-9. Hopefully, I'll hold up better in the games after.
  8. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-11 18:21
    - HEROiNEx
    Well, I'll be honest
    I first played it when I was... 12/13ish
    Had NO idea what I was doing, so my brother and I made it a sibling project to do together
    Took us a few months, but that was because it was our first FF ~
    If you have knowledge of FF it shouldn't take you that long. nwn; We were just fools
    Recently I replayed it, and I haven't played it since I was 12/13ish but I beat it in three days, with time to eat and sleep inbetween. ;D
  9. Amirali
    2008-08-11 18:18
    Wow. You actually completed a Final Fantasy game in only 3 days!?! That is short. Just so I can get a better idea of game length, did you get time to sleep and eat in between?
  10. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-11 18:16
    - HEROiNEx
    aww. You should play 10. D;
    Its so goooood.
    ; w; and its a short game too, it could honestly take you 3 days if you're committed. >x>;
    Or I'm just obsessed.

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