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Conversation Between - HEROiNEx and Langus
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  1. Langus
    2008-12-28 21:57
    No worries Merry belated Christmas to you too and I hope you have a fantastic New Years!
  2. - HEROiNEx
    2008-12-28 11:07
    - HEROiNEx
    Merry -LATE- Christmas.. .__.;
    I'm so behind. -sobs-
  3. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-10 22:42
    - HEROiNEx
    Both my brothers like anime
    One more than the other though
    I still say I'm the most obsessed. xD
    But usually I get my brother into Anime
    I got him into Bleach
    He got me into Naruto.
  4. Langus
    2008-08-10 22:38
    It's hard not to like him, but hey, at least you and your brother have something in common I wish sometimes that my sister gave a damn about anime so I could watch eps with her but'll never happen. Have a good one!
  5. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-10 17:57
    - HEROiNEx
    He was in that one filler
    rofl. Where they tried to take off his mask
    and he won that girls heart without even trying

    I actually used to be a huge Kakashi fangirl, until my brother was like, "Kakashi's my favorite" and he's like.. 22 and I was like, "..damn you ruined him." and they have the same birthday
    So evertyime I think of Kakashi I think of my brother
    Horrible... horrible older brother. XD I'm kidding he's pretty chill
    But still. xDDD
  6. Langus
    2008-08-10 17:33
    Hahaha of course He's only the most badass ninja in all of manga/anime. Definitely my hero! Plus he's not exactly suave with the ladies which suits me just fine
  7. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-10 12:05
    - HEROiNEx
    ; ww; you like Kakashi too?
    -sob- soul mate.
    not really. >x>
    Geez, I'm creepy. xD

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