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Conversation Between - HEROiNEx and yuuk1
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  1. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-07 23:01
    - HEROiNEx
    I'm canadian, so I guess i'm part of the north american group. XDDD
    Its just that westerns find.. a more attractiveness in... someone who plays like their not intelligent to get out of situations -- aka Orihime.
    xDD 'cause she's mahou Shoujo like, y'know?
    I like her too, really, I do.
    But I like rukia more. >x>; -shot-
    i'm sorry Orihime. ; w;

    anyway, i've gotta head to beddies
    I r 16 today. rofl 12:00AM here
    and it is officially my B-DAY.
    O8.O8.O8 } i feel a little lucky

    Hope to talk to you tomorrow!
    G'night Yuuk!
  2. yuuk1
    2008-08-07 22:29
    lol!! I know the feeling...!

    Ever since I moved to US, most of them lurve Inoue---->Ichigo pairing since they fancy the princess and knight theory so much, no offense though if you're a westerner!!! This was just an observation, please don't get mad!! >.<

    My friends smother me with evidence of their pairing, but I stay strong by keeping up with the manga and the HUGE panels offered for IchiRuki!! Heehee...!
  3. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-07 22:25
    - HEROiNEx
    I knoww. Its like mad crazy.
    I really LOVEE rukia and Ichigo
    >x>; But... people wanna like.. kill me for it. rofl
  4. yuuk1
    2008-08-07 22:20
    heehee..! I know you're an IchiRuki!! ^w^ I just wanted to make a point because I did a bit of reading of the previous posts of some people, saying Inoue is the one bringing the romance (alone!), that's why I got a bit hyped..! Heeheee...! Sorry if I seemed rude there, but I really had no ill intention of insulting anyone in that thread.

    I'm glad you're trying your best not to be biased, and if you ask me, it gets REAL crazy being one!! >.<

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