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Conversation Between drobertbaker and izmosmolnar
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  1. izmosmolnar
    2009-06-21 01:14
    Well no, as we were under the Soviet Regime, we always used to "follow" and catch up with the western culture, while at the same time most people aren't really interested in what the Far-East has to offer.
    Additionally most of the hungarian Anime viewers are only going as far as Naruto or Bleach +other mainstream anime, but they aren't really keen on trying out different kind of anime. So yeah generally the average people thinks anime = some kinda japanese cartoon for kids and children (or Hentaii porn). And then when I'm showing those people shows like Elfen Lied or GITS they most of the time realize, they shouldn't generalize it in such a narrow-minded way.
    Heh yeah, but don't expect Haruhiism temples around here basing it on that video .

    Unfortunately languages are like the only thing I'm talented, my english is self-taught (watched too many TV and played too much computergames while I was a child, and by the time I was like ~14, I've realized I can sort of understand everything), plus picked up a decent german in school, and I've also learned spanish in two years time. Of course my grammar is a bit messy, as I'm not striving for perfection really, as long as I can express myself adequately, and comprehend almost everything.

    Hehe. Természetesen beszélhetünk máskor is / Of course we can speak some other time too .
  2. izmosmolnar
    2009-06-20 16:27
    I just noticed I misspelled your name earlier, I apologize for not noticing it before.

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