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Conversation Between Zycle and Deso
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  1. Deso
    2009-01-18 22:53
    That's good.....=P well I mainly like origami and playing bass with my band.......oh and I like string......
  2. Zycle
    2009-01-07 11:27
    I'm fine as always ...If I may ask, what are your hobbies aside from anime/manga and internet?
  3. Deso
    2009-01-06 18:23
    How've you been?
  4. Deso
    2009-01-03 13:28
    No problem....anything for a clan member and friend.........=P
  5. Zycle
    2009-01-03 04:14
    Oh. thank you very much =)
  6. Deso
    2009-01-03 02:44
    Happy Birthday Zycle!^__^.........
  7. Deso
    2009-01-02 11:18
    I see....I only play stuff for the I don't havea aspecific type........
  8. Zycle
    2009-01-02 04:53
    At home, I don't play any video games at all. xP Three years ago I played Counter Strike Source and Battlefield, but I'm very glad that I'm not interested in that kind of games anymore. I also played much Zelda on my N64 and Gameboy. Now, I only play some Smash Bros. on Wii with my cousins when there's a birthday of a family member. Sometimes my uncle wants to play as well, but lol, he's bad, he usually loses, lol.

    What kind of games do you play?
  9. Deso
    2009-01-01 16:17
    Deso do you like video games....if so, what kind?
  10. Zycle
    2009-01-01 07:10
    Yeah, Happy new year to you, too =)

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