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Conversation Between Keikun6969 and Lord Uiruu
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  1. Lord Uiruu
    2009-10-06 15:52
    Lord Uiruu
    really? i have to go watch that.
  2. Keikun6969
    2009-10-05 21:59
    Tegami Bachi is out already <.<
  3. Lord Uiruu
    2009-08-27 13:44
    Lord Uiruu
    um.. okay? so basically Tegami Bachi has stolen your life? Now you don't have one?

    Oct. 12!! yay~!
  4. Keikun6969
    2009-08-26 16:05
    Fairy Tail Anime ... October 12th
  5. Keikun6969
    2009-08-14 19:42
    I hate you ...
    Tegami Bachi has Taken what little Life I have atm and is Just too good.
  6. Lord Uiruu
    2009-07-24 21:35
    Lord Uiruu
    I don't know.. i hope its not like FMA where the anime is absolutely nothing like the manga, but don't get me wrong, i like both the manga and anime of FMA.
  7. Keikun6969
    2009-07-24 15:29
    No idea yet BUT look for it in the fall
  8. Lord Uiruu
    2009-07-24 13:45
    Lord Uiruu
    No way!!!! dude thats awesome!! when is it airing?
  9. Keikun6969
    2009-07-22 21:10
    they ARE making an Anime. I Can't F-ing Wait XD
  10. Lord Uiruu
    2009-07-22 18:35
    Lord Uiruu
    lol i love fairy tail!!! they should make an anime of it, if they aren't planning too already.

    and about the billy mays thing, i found it on google images by searching for "billy mays wallpaper" ...
    p.s. don't ask why i searched for that

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