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Conversation Between Keikun6969 and Fate21
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  1. Fate21
    2009-07-23 00:08
    It's not just Star Ocean 4, there are some game that i want to play it too. But i think i must economize because i will become a college student
  2. Keikun6969
    2009-07-23 00:03
    If you get the Chance Grab one up! I would buy another 360 in a heartbeat to play star ocean 4 lol that and Lost Odyssey
  3. Fate21
    2009-07-22 23:47
    Unfortunately, i don't have Xbox
  4. Keikun6969
    2009-07-22 21:09
    You might like Star ocean 4 its for Xb360 but its a Great Play.
  5. Fate21
    2009-07-22 19:49
    I love Star Ocean 3 too
    I love its story since from the very beginning and the battle system is very nice but i become don't like when it's nearing outer space X)
  6. Keikun6969
    2009-07-21 15:42
    I wanted to Change the Gaming Grounds Icon every month but nobody was making Icons so I stopped the Contest ... If you want to see it Change go to and Find out how to submit an Icon. I look forward to possibly receiving one from you
  7. Fate21
    2009-07-19 17:11
    Maybe you should change the gaming grounds social group icon if you can?
  8. Fate21
    2009-06-24 14:22
    Fate21 : *currently in sleeping mode
    Keikun6969 :
  9. Fate21
    2009-06-18 06:20
    I'm already have a Nightmare...just kidding LOL and grin
  10. Keikun6969
    2009-06-17 19:13
    Welcome to the Nightmare

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