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Conversation Between Urei and Von Himmel
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  1. Von Himmel
    2009-06-04 10:30
    Von Himmel
    Hm ? I just realized that you like Mana Khemia too o.o;
    I hope Vayne would appear as a cameo in the 2nd game ;_; but looks like it won't happen. Oh well, I'm still pretty intrested with it too. Especially after I heard that there will be two branch of stories.
  2. Von Himmel
    2009-05-23 08:03
    Von Himmel
    Yeah indeed. .^^; I don't know why, but I think there are many people from my country that come here. Some of my friends in my forum also does, but they're just lurking xD;;
  3. Urei
    2009-05-21 09:06
    Wonder why i didn't do that earlier?

    Same country, that's nice. Most people from my country tend to visit forums where you can speak my native language. You can say that I'm a sole vagrant ^^'
  4. Von Himmel
    2009-05-21 08:15
    Von Himmel
    I just realized that Natsuki is from the same country as I am. Guess now I can speak freely around . .'her' ? xD;
    I see. . When I'm writing, I also often to have some inspirations by images and things like that too
    And I just realized that the quality of GFX artist in this forum at making avatar and sig is quite high too ^^;
  5. Urei
    2009-05-19 13:25
    K, I understand and I wish you all the best

    Well, I look for inspiration and some tips while looking at thers work. There are always many examples of how not to do a signature. Those are valuable as well
  6. Von Himmel
    2009-05-19 13:05
    Von Himmel to explain it. .
    Like there's some difficult words that I tends to use in my story with my language, but I don't know what word I must use for it in english. And also, grammar
    I'm still trying to perfect it though, so maybe someday I could do it xD;

    bad ones ? ^^; It means they could improve
  7. Urei
    2009-05-19 10:43
    Hoo, a writer? Why not in English? Your usage of the language seems to be very good

    Well, how should I put it... I do that from time to time although I have massive problems when it comes to requests I'm a bit lazy so I tend to push the deadline as far as I can But yeah, the Fan Creations thread is a great place to search for some good ideas... and to witness some bad ones as well
  8. Von Himmel
    2009-05-19 10:36
    Von Himmel
    Ahaha ^^; I can't draw, but I do like to write stories. Problem is, I can't do it in english
    If only something that can translate any language perfectly exist, then. . .
    Oh ? So you like to hang around in Avatar/signature request thread ?
  9. Urei
    2009-05-19 10:34
    Aw, it's a shame. It's a pleasure to have another home thread. I'm not much of an artist, I only make signatures

    Mm, unfortunately no. I have no such place but I'm tempted to make one and soon
  10. Von Himmel
    2009-05-19 10:10
    Von Himmel
    You'll have another lurker in fan creation thread, that's it
    I can't draw anything ^^; Oh wait, did you also have a thread in fan creation forum ?
    Guess I'm going to visit it too xD;

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