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Conversation Between Urei and The Chaos
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  1. The Chaos
    2010-12-31 12:51
    The Chaos
    Happy New Year
  2. The Chaos
    2010-10-10 04:23
    The Chaos
    well I agree all of them are unique I like them except Chopper some moment I hate him XD

    so that was the haki ..since I've seen it twice in Boa island and maybe when he was saving Ace ..It been while since I read One Piece so I forgot it

    mine from the crew Nami , Luffy and Zoro ..others Buggy () and Ace
  3. Urei
    2010-10-10 04:13
    Hm, I guess I have no favorite character since during all of those years readin OP I kinda began to adore all of them. They are all unique and I must say that Oda did a marvelous job portraying their characters.

    Isn't haki something like a spirit that the user is able to manifest in a form of an ability? Like being able to percieve or repell anything around them. That's how I see it anyway

    And you? Your pick?
  4. The Chaos
    2010-10-10 03:57
    The Chaos
    I never understand the haki or how to use it ..maybe If I saw the Arc in anime I'll get it

    so who is your favorite character ??
  5. Urei
    2010-10-09 09:44
    Nah, read them all I'm anxious to see Luffy use his haki abilities full force
  6. The Chaos
    2010-10-09 08:45
    The Chaos
    watching over 400 ep take weeks
    didn't you see the last chapters ?? you will like it
  7. Urei
    2010-10-08 23:20
    Haha, indeed! Thanks tot he recent events in manga I've started watching the whole series all over again

    Still hoping the strawhats will have an amazing reunion with their captain
  8. The Chaos
    2010-10-08 15:35
    The Chaos
    yep One Piece = Awesomeness
    good to see another One Piece fan
  9. Urei
    2010-10-08 14:14
    >ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

    Yes it is

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