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Conversation Between Urei and Crimrui
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  1. Urei
    2009-06-06 08:04
    Yep, I did every side-quest I could and reached max level cap. It took 30 hours or so ;( As you said, there are very few space opera games, especially with a good story like this one Honestly, go Shepard, get those Reapers! ^^''

    Meh, I played as a woman ^^'' I can't play as a man anymore. Honestly, if I am to spend 30 hours + on a game I'd rather stare at a nice ass rather then at a masculine to the bone guy. And my female Shepard had a really nice ass xD

    New Castlevania! Tekken 6! Whatever PS3 jrpg there is. Quite saddened about new Front Mission though, >,> Oh, and Dark Void. I'm waiting for Dead Space 2 as well. Have to play those two.

    EDIT. 30 hours is like, a sneze for me ;(
  2. Crimrui
    2009-06-06 05:49
    Yeah the game is short, if you only concentrate on main missions, but it's much larger if you do the side quests who are, as you said, quite repetitive. The game does lack in certain aspect but the fact still remains that there aren't any games like it, a space adventure/opera and hence it makes it even more unique and playworthy.

    I played with male character although I'm tempted to play as female as well. =)
    Anything else you gonna pick up in near future?
  3. Urei
    2009-06-06 00:14
    Yeah, the multiple choice options were really nice. Nice climate, as you said, graphics and music. The sceneries were amazing as well, but... the game lacked a bit. Too short for my taste, only one town location, a small game world, characters I could easily kill off without any care and repetitive missions. Some were really nice, like when you had to get to Mako and kill all the bad guys but the bottom line is that most of them followed the same scenario -> land -> search -> kill/find-> go back.

    Well, those are my general complains ^^' Anyway, you can see lot's of FF influence in that game. Really nice work for a starter. I've seen trailers of the second one and I do sure hope it'll outgrow the first Looks amazing.

    Did you play as F or M?
  4. Crimrui
    2009-06-05 15:59
    Not a bad game? Dude, Mass Effect is awesome. Great gameplay and superb atmosphere thanks to great voice acting and conversation system. The second game will rock even harder. Yeah Bayonetta looks cool, I think it will shape up good in the end.

    Dragon Age: Origins is another great game that I'm looking forward to.
  5. Urei
    2009-06-04 10:40
    Many things FF!

    I've been playing Mass Effect laytely. Not a bad game. I'm certain I'll give the sequel a chance. It's trailer on E3 was amazing. Oh, and Bayonetta! ;3
  6. Crimrui
    2009-05-31 14:27
    E3 is just around the corner. Hoping for something? =)
  7. Urei
    2009-05-15 14:01
    Yeah, pretty much I actually prefer the Zero series version of Zero. I enjoyed the fact they changed the designs mainly because the previous ones were getting a bit, well, old. Also, the Zero series had this amazing music and climate which got me to adore those games
  8. Crimrui
    2009-05-15 12:40
    Mana Khemia 2 looks pretty good to me so you should check out the videos and some info about it. Maybe you'll like this one =)

    I love Mega Man X mostly because X and Zero are cool looking there. The Zero series and onward have that different look on raploids that I personally don't like so I stick to classic Zero. I'm having a deja vu about this conversation...
  9. Urei
    2009-05-11 01:22
    I'll give it a try then When does Mana Khemia 2 come out? I hope sometime soon. I'm in for a good game, I really need it right now

    I prefer Zero series. Just love Zero character and the feel those games have. It's so sad they finished those series. It had so much potential ;/
  10. Crimrui
    2009-05-10 06:38
    Sorry mate, I know you love mecha anime and all, but yeah you are right. The character presentation was a bit off but maybe I should grin and bear it with series first.

    Mana Khemia 2 will have two characters to play with, male and female. The main dude looks far better then the previous one and you know how much I love multiple endings and to be able to choose one of your party member's girls or guys if you want to play as female =)
    You should look at some trailers, it might be fun. Front Mission is already played and I'm crazy about RockMan (Mega Man) series, expecially X series. I can't wait to see their next gen Megaman.

    Few of the admins said to some members in Atlus forum that OG could be translated (others don't have the chance because of the license problems as you already know) so if Endless Frontier is sold enough they will think about it, but this isn't official so no use talking about it. The recent interview showed an asked question if they are thinking about SRW:OG for ps2 but they didn't want to comment that. There is already a topic and I'm hunting people around the net to go and post their desire for Atlus to do it.

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