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Conversation Between Urei and Crimrui
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  1. Urei
    2009-05-10 01:50
    Don't worry, I have the same feeling about 'Aquarion'. It's a good series but suffers because of the medicore character development and presentation. You'd find the OVA a bit better if you've watched the series itself

    Hm, yes, Mana Khemia 2, I wanted to try that. Didn't like the first one, bored me greatly and the main character was, let's say, the exact opposite of a lead character type I like. About those mecha games. You won't get anything else on ps2 aside from those you mentioned. Front Mission is a must and you ca always try MS Saga, a Gundam based rpg. There are also RockMan games, if you can consider that mecha

    Hm, I haven't heard anything. Mind sharing some info with me on the matter? I'd love to have OG translated
  2. Crimrui
    2009-05-08 16:49
    Yeah I started a bit but was interested overall what the feeling was like so I switched to OVA. Don't get me wrong, the anime looks good and the story is nice and all but the characters and the way things are didn't appeal to me. Should I try this Shin Mezinger?

    You gonna pick up Mana Khemia 2 on ps2? I can't think of any new RPGs coming. So you like robots games huh? Mind hinting me few except Armored Core, Xeno(saga)gears, Zone of Enders, SRW and Gundam games. Any other out there cuz I'm pretty blank myself lately =)

    Did you heard rumors about getting SRW OG for ps2 translation from Atlus?
  3. Urei
    2009-05-06 23:39
    Rpg, rpg, rpg, rpg, and mecha action ^^'

    Have you watched the series first?
  4. Crimrui
    2009-05-06 16:43
    PS2 isn't dead yet, there is still Demon Summoner 2 and Mana Khemia 2 that I'm willing to pick up. Besides, SRW OG for ps2 might be translated by Atlus in the future so there is still hope =)
    I can't say anything for the pc as my computer is rather weak as for ps2 I'm sure you played a lot of them, some you liked and some probably didn't. What do you like RPG, action, platformers?

    P.S. I finished Aquarion OVA and didn't really like it. The battles are great I'll give it that, but the characters, story and setting didn't appeal to me.
  5. Urei
    2009-05-06 15:23
    Well, I'm a ps2/pc player. I'm planning on buying ps3 in the near future though I've played most of ps2 titles so I'm not expecting anythng new there, accept for new SD Gundam

    Well, that's a Tomino series so it's not wonder the women are nude in the op ^^' And yep, I sure am, haha
  6. Crimrui
    2009-05-06 14:53
    Yeah but it's been fixed so I'm ok right now. What games do you usually play and what console system, I might recommend you something.

    Oh another oldie, are they nude the whole anime or just the opening lol? You really are a robot lover aren't you? XD
  7. Urei
    2009-05-06 11:59
    Ouch, not nice, net problems ;/

    Well, quite good actually. I'm looking for a good game. Same with anime. I've lost a good deal of interest in current series when Gundam 00 finished. Right now I'm only living with the hope of a quick movie release. *sight*

    God, I love this opening
  8. Crimrui
    2009-05-06 11:01
    Hey man, long time no type =)

    How's life treating you? I was having some net problems and would occasionally log in on my friend's comp, but I'm alive now. Do you have msn that you can give me? You can pm it.

    Just got Aquarion OVA and I'm watching it at the moment. Look cool but I'll need to finish it to have the overall opinion =)
  9. Urei
    2009-04-18 01:28
    My brute's just lucky ^^'

    It'll be very hard to meet in S4 though. Oh, and about RF. I think about playing on a private server again. High rates and all. Producers upped level cap to 65 and introduced new armors for level 60. I played the officials till the I reached the old level cap of 55 and so I really have no interest of going through all of that money gathering again ;/
  10. Crimrui
    2009-04-17 10:37
    Wow, yeah you are. Quite some skills you have there XD
    Anyway, my character name in S4 League is Crio. As you are already aware, I have a female character as well. If we see each other some time, we can have a match. I'm thinking in downloading RF in the next few days =)

    Anyway, what's up? You watching anything new?

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