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Conversation Between Urei and forgottendiary
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  1. forgottendiary
    2009-05-23 09:06
    Hey hey! ^_^ I'm usually on MSN and YM (will PM you).

    I wouldn't call it dedication, laziness, more like! LOL!
  2. Urei
    2009-05-22 09:10

    Mistress fdiary! How are you doing? Haven'[t heard from you in a while :<

    P.S. I admire your dedication. That signature and avatar.
  3. forgottendiary
    2009-05-07 09:52
    *shamed* TT_TT

    Alright! I will re-watch that part this weekend!
  4. Urei
    2009-05-07 09:18
    Noo, how could you It's during Asuka's death / ... /
  5. forgottendiary
    2009-05-07 09:06
    Hmmmm~~~ *thinks hard* I can't even remember it being played! Haha! Must watch EoE again. XD
  6. forgottendiary
    2009-05-07 09:04
    Woops! Sorry only saw ur msgs now. *goes to check*
  7. Urei
    2009-05-07 04:40
    Oo Now what's this supposed to be
  8. Urei
    2009-05-02 05:55
    *closet MxS fangirl comes creeping out* Oo

    Didn't see that coming *shocked*
  9. Urei
    2009-04-28 09:47
    Poor Mistress, although I managed to get my hands on it xD At least on a part ;<
  10. forgottendiary
    2009-04-28 09:00
    past is past, let's leave it at that

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