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Conversation Between Urei and raile
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  1. raile
    2009-02-19 05:47
    Thank you for the cookies~ ♥
    Now...may I interest you in joining me, magnuskn and Westlo in destroying Natsu's evil empire of yaoi? [whisper]We have chocolate...[/whisper]
  2. Urei
    2009-02-04 10:00
    Good thing you mentioned that. I was certain I was dealing with Natsu V2 Got to be more careful from now
  3. raile
    2009-02-04 09:48
    Just wanted you to know. I am NOT an accomplice to Natsuki's fond affection to yaoi and shounen-ai. So don't let her make you think otherwise. In het pairings and bishies, we see eye to eye...but for the...well, you get it.

  4. Urei
    2009-02-04 09:37
    I've been wondering as to who Kaji was better leave you two to your own, ekhm, matters *slowly retreats but stumbles over yaoi game box*
  5. raile
    2009-02-04 09:29
    Kaji Aoi is hot.
    Second Passo, here I come!
  6. Urei
    2009-02-04 09:25
    That explains ...a...l...o...t. *looks at the top gallery on the right of the screen*
  7. raile
    2009-02-04 09:20
    Yep, with a tendency to explode like a male.
  8. Urei
    2009-02-04 08:59
    Meh, ralie, I've been meaning to ask this earlier. You're a girl, right?
  9. Urei
    2008-12-23 19:35
    Merry Christmas White if possible with lots of presents. I'm looking forward to some SxA fanart ^^

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