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Conversation Between Rukia! and Witacume
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  1. Rukia!
    2009-02-04 13:48
    jajajaja xD I find that if!
    xD do not write in colors and are summarized in writing.

    sorry if my English is not very good D:!
    because I'm Spanish!
  2. Witacume
    2009-01-17 14:17
    And btw what does it mean you write like a man?
    Do men have specific writing styles?
    just curious XD
  3. Witacume
    2009-01-15 21:26
    its ok
    i love yakumo.
    Though Eri grew on me.
    I have nothing against Eri since she actually got plot development.
    but i LOVE YAKUMO
  4. Rukia!
    2009-01-15 21:17
    jajaj are nevertheless note that you write like a man xD

    ah if Kallen is a great woman

    I do not like Yakumo mm D: Eri Sawachika is better *-*
  5. Witacume
    2009-01-14 12:53
    well i have kallen in my avatar and i'm not a girl XD.
    Kallen is becoming my favorite herione of all time.
    this is a lot because i have a huge thing for Rei, and yakumo
  6. Rukia!
    2009-01-14 12:34
    yeah gogo kalulu xD

    jaja notaries thought I was a girl on my avatar xD
  7. Witacume
    2009-01-14 03:45
    oh sorry didn't know XD.
    i should really stop assuming but i agree with all your thoughs GOGO KALULU
  8. Rukia!
    2009-01-13 18:55
    I am a girl

    good with each of his xD
    Sunrise will continue to operate Code Geass
    and perhaps draw the other alternative versions of Manga
  9. Witacume
    2009-01-13 11:34
    haha hey man.
    I pretty much am done with arguing i can sit back and relax now.
    All i needed was a little more ammo to make the declaration.
    I still don't see why people are arguing anymore lawls.
  10. Rukia!
    2009-01-13 10:37
    hello *-* are you kalulu fans !!!
    the best pairing of code geass
    kallen and lelouch *o*

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