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Conversation Between Rukia! and Airi
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  1. Airi
    2008-11-03 05:07
    KiraxArthur!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I love them *_*

    Setsuna and Marina are the best pairing! ^_^ I miss Lockon! >_<
  2. Rukia!
    2008-11-02 23:35
    and if you like Gundam Seed?

    kiraXarthurn *-*

    jaja setsuna makes perfect fit well with Marine xD am all the guys are sexy Gundam
  3. Airi
    2008-10-29 17:39
    I love Gundam 00!!!

    Yup, I like setsuna too!!! He is my favourite character!!^_^
  4. Rukia!
    2008-10-29 16:46
    YEAH I will have to look like crazy <_ <

    do you like gundam 00? I love to Setsuna *-*
  5. Airi
    2008-10-29 15:41
    Really? Now I get it!
  6. Rukia!
    2008-10-29 14:54
    xD is that in Volume 2 and show it is the last TOT and could not get eh = (
  7. Airi
    2008-10-29 04:30
    But in this vol Suzaku doesn't kill Shneizel...
    Ok, it doesn't matter!^^
  8. Rukia!
    2008-10-28 21:38
    I'm sorry for not responding soon!
    the link of the first volume of manga Suzaku countertrack (RAW):
  9. Airi
    2008-10-10 12:39
    I know you will kill me....>_<
    But.... Can you give me the exact link where the site talks about the manga of Suzaku??
    Because I'm looking for it and I can't find it I just see the anime and not the manga! (Sorry again! >_<)
  10. Rukia!
    2008-10-07 12:44
    Yes some scans that are found
    on this page :

    One is the manga of Suzaku (Suzaku the scene
    key sword to schneizel)
    and the other is R2 manga

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