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Conversation Between Knight of L-sama and Vivio Testarossa
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  1. Knight of L-sama
    2008-08-31 18:39
    Knight of L-sama
    *sends request to befriend*

    My answer.
  2. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-08-31 18:25
    Vivio Testarossa
    Hello Knight of L-sama, if it's acceptable with you, could I add your username to my friend list? Thanks.
  3. Knight of L-sama
    2008-08-28 16:50
    Knight of L-sama
    ^^ Being a rabid MSLN fan, yours was easier to interpret. Nice avatar pic btw :3 I remember seeing the full original in the image thread.
  4. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-08-28 14:06
    Vivio Testarossa
    Ah so that's how you chose your username, based on a character from the Slayers universe... I think I may have said it somewhere, but my username was a combination of (Vivio Takamachi + Fate Testarossa, both of which I am a fan of.), thus Vivio Testarossa.
  5. Knight of L-sama
    2008-08-28 10:08
    Knight of L-sama
    See my profile for my lil tidbit on that. It's changed since I created the sn for myself 5-6 years ago...
  6. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-08-27 23:41
    Vivio Testarossa
    I have been wondering for a little bit, but who exactly is this L-sama, you are a knight of?

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