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Conversation Between Somnus and vansonbee
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  1. Somnus
    2012-10-14 21:14
    This fantastic new vixen would be Shiina Mashiro from the equally awesome new show Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. Great first episode, and her introduction is perfect at making you fall in love with her. Instantly became one of my must watch shows of the season (though really, even if the first episode was bad I would've watched it for Shiina alone).
  2. vansonbee
    2012-10-14 19:09
    Who's the new babe in the avatar?
  3. Somnus
    2012-04-17 21:58
    Hi vasonbee. My avatar is Saki Kasukabe from an anime/manga called Genshiken. She's one of the main characters, and one of my favourite women in anime existence. My sig is from a manga called The World God only Knows (also has an anime, just didn't cover much of the manga).

    I recommend both of them for different reasons. Genshiken is one of my highest rated series ever. I try to recommend it to anyone who's a fan of anime and likes the slice-of-life genre. The anime covers the manga really well, so I just recommend that.

    The World God only Knows is a well-done take on a harem setting. It's actually one of the very few harem stories I enjoy immensely. For one thing, the MC actually knows what he's doing with women and does it on purpose. The story is a little hard to describe, but the MC pretty much has to win the love of a variety of different women and he does it with hilarious/awesome methods. I like to reference it often in other threads saying Keima (MC's name) needs to make a cameo in every other harem manga and show the leads how it's done!
  4. vansonbee
    2012-04-17 02:24
    Hello, where is your forum avatar and signature from? Recommend?

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