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Conversation Between Somnus and Om Nerabdator
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  1. Om Nerabdator
    2015-05-26 08:17
    Om Nerabdator
    I understand completely lol, its from blue steel arpeggio anime
  2. Somnus
    2015-05-25 18:41
    Hey! Saw your Avatar and HAD to find out where it's from. It's fantastic.
  3. Om Nerabdator
    2013-03-14 13:27
    Om Nerabdator
    thats how they look in the ova, and the spin off series Unlimited, and also in the later volumes of the manga
  4. Somnus
    2013-03-14 10:00
    Hey, thanks! No wonder I couldn't recognize them. Is that fanart? Since as I understand it, those girls are supposed to be 10! It's really good if that's the case.
  5. Om Nerabdator
    2013-03-13 13:44
    Om Nerabdator
    Zettai Karen Children ^^
  6. Somnus
    2013-03-13 13:11
    Have to ask, where's your sig from? It looks really interesting!
  7. Somnus
    2012-01-22 07:50
    It's from the new show Aquarion EVOL. She's one of the heroines, Zessica. If you're into mecha anime (or just spectaular visuals) check it out sometime.
  8. Om Nerabdator
    2012-01-22 07:01
    Om Nerabdator
    wats your avatar from?

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