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Conversation Between Rukia_Blue and xxcara_miaxx
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  1. Rukia_Blue
  2. xxcara_miaxx
    2009-05-03 19:04
    thank you i do love it
  3. Rukia_Blue
    2009-05-03 12:39
    Happy Birthday Cara!

    I was shopping for icons and found a beautiful one i know you will love, so i decided to give it to you as a gift - created by alabelle_etoile
  4. xxcara_miaxx
    2009-03-24 20:26
    Thanks I miss my computer It's only been gone for a week and i already miss photoshop and all my preferences lol! yeah, but uni is starting to get busier... I'll use your banners as my relaxing time
  5. Rukia_Blue
    2009-03-24 17:44
    Its ok. Looks like my little post caused a few problems lolz. I don't know why he was making a big deal out of it since he was the one who decided to do the banner in the first place. I would've put my input in if i wasn't busy with school my self, but i hope he didn't cause you to much problems. And you really don't have to rush, i know how busy life can be
  6. xxcara_miaxx
    2009-03-23 23:16
    sorry about all the problems with Yorg. I"ll get to the banners soon. I'm on my mum's computer and sadly it doesn't have anything good on it It hurts!
  7. Rukia_Blue
    2009-02-03 22:56

    Thought you were back since your weren't on in awhile.
    Must be fun to have a vacation, since i haven't had one in forever(LOL)
    Oh and it was nice to talking to you. Have fun
  8. xxcara_miaxx
    2009-02-02 11:29
    no no, still in italy. Won't be back until mid-late feb
  9. Rukia_Blue
    2009-01-29 21:15

    Hey, are your back from Italy

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