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Conversation Between Naraku and kazuki_yuki92
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  1. kazuki_yuki92
    2009-02-05 18:16
    thank you...i was add you..^^
  2. Naraku
    2009-02-05 12:10
    I use Windows Live Messenger, if you have Yahoo Messenger you can still talk to me through that.

    Just add me through my e-mail address.
  3. kazuki_yuki92
    2009-02-05 11:45

    do you have yahoo messenger?
  4. Naraku
    2009-02-05 11:37
    Unfortunately I haven't read Rebirth yet, but your definitely not the first person to mention it to me.

    I'll put it on my list of things to read over the next week or so.

    I won't spoil anything for your in Gundam 00 S2 but so far it's really good, so continue to look forward to it ending!
  5. kazuki_yuki92
    2009-02-05 11:26
    gundam double 00(firts season for 2nd season i wait for the end)...kuroshitsuji...maria sama ga miteru season 4...

    i read manhwa...rebirth...did you read rebirth?
  6. Naraku
    2009-02-05 11:05

    I've been watching Gundam 00, Toaru Majutshi no Index, Toradora, Casshern Sins (I'm behind on this one), Tytania, and I just started watching Kurokami (Black God manga)...

    Though Kurokami is a bit upsetting for me, they seemed to have changed major elements from the actual manga (arguably manwhwa* since the creators are Korean but it's published in Japan).

    I'm trying my best to like it... I really am... I love the manga / manwhwa*. >.>

    So which new anime have you been watching?
  7. kazuki_yuki92
    2009-02-05 10:59

    yes i was watch new anime after watching Code geass R2...

    and the ending is not about you?
  8. Naraku
    2009-02-05 10:48
    You should definitely watch the first season, it's only 13 episodes and is really enjoyable to watch.

    If your lucky you may actually have the second season to look forward to after watching the first. I've been waiting for sooooo long now. :P

    So have you watched any new anime after the end of CG R2?
  9. kazuki_yuki92
    2009-02-05 02:37
    suzumiya haruhi season 2?

    i am not yet watch susumiya haruhi season hard for find big size this anime~XD
  10. Naraku
    2009-02-04 21:42
    I'm doing good!

    I've been out of work though so life has been a bit dull lately.

    I was at least looking forward to the possible release of Haruhi Season 2 but KyoAni may be ruffling the feathers of the fans again. >.<

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