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Conversation Between ichirukiforever and Endrance
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  1. ichirukiforever
    2008-08-31 23:41
    no each frame is different i used a program to make the time frame from between 2 points the video clip i have now is almost 10 seconds long and someone told me that if i have more frames the quality is better but all i got now is 298 .bmp images from that 10 second clip and i just want to make it into a .gif for my avatar there's one almost like it near the beginning of this topic of ichigo in front of the soukyouku with the fire ...i want to make one like that but of rukia just moments before that
  2. Endrance
    2008-08-31 23:32
    The reason there are probably so many frames is because some of them are most likely duplicate frames. If you look under the Fan Creations thread under Sig/Avatar tutorials you should find some pretty easy explanations on how to create gifs
  3. ichirukiforever
    2008-08-31 23:19
    hey yeah well i tried downloading some things and was able to make a bunch of frames but i can't figure how to get them to .gif animation and there are a lot of frames would you be willing to give any tips on how to convert or make it work's already an.avi file from when i dowloaded it it's of rukia at the execution well i have the frames like almost 300 of them for an almost 10 second clip i'm lost now lol
  4. Endrance
    2008-08-31 11:13
    I put together a few rukia avy's in the request forum but if you want anything from a specific episode let me know

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