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Conversation Between aeriolewinters and Faerie
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  1. Faerie
    2012-02-29 19:10
    aww than you I love it, tell her she's done a great job!!
  2. aeriolewinters
    2012-02-29 12:52
    aeriolewinters Here's a reward for you, my friend just finished coloring her concept mech, the Nu-Strike Gundam
  3. Faerie
    2012-02-29 12:37
    It would've been complicated to write but awesome.Unfortunately, Lacus' image would have been less "perfect", and Fllay wouldn't have looked half as "bad" if they'd explored this subplot so that's why they didn't do it. But it would've added some nice depth to the show and given especially Lacus a chance to shine. It's a real shame this didn't happen..
  4. aeriolewinters
    2012-02-29 10:47
    Seriously, Fllay and Lacus is one subplot SEED never bothered expounded on. I think It would be endearing to the audience because I'm all for both of them learning from each other. and would practically give a better case of a Natural and a Coordinator co-existing, through understanding each other.
  5. Faerie
    2012-02-12 10:17
    ughh, i didn't even mean it like that. It's about the animation, not the character- could've been anyone
  6. aeriolewinters
    2012-02-11 23:07
    Don't push the Lacus fan's buttons... There'd be a full on war if you do.
  7. Faerie
    2012-02-04 22:34
    oh and btw, I love Lacus' hairstyle and lack of clip. Even though I know perfectly well that this fringe is a bitch to maintain, I have the same >^<
  8. Faerie
    2012-02-04 18:49
    right... xD thanks for the heads up. I honestly have no idea what he/she is saying (or why he/she is incomprehensible)

    Love the pic as well, it reminds me of how cool these 3 could have been :< That's why I love fanart
  9. aeriolewinters
    2012-02-04 17:49
    Spoiler for Here's Something my friend did Hope you enjoy :D:
  10. aeriolewinters
    2012-02-04 17:48
    don't mind D-KLAC, the guy has issues... and is obssessed with Chantal Strand(Lacus' english VA), best to include him in the ignore list

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